Public talk by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek

Nobel prize-winning Professor of physics, Frank Wilczek, will give a public talk on art and science on Tuesday.

Frank Wilczek is Professor of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and 2004 Nobel prize laureate in Physics. 

During his attendance at the Strong and Electroweak matter conference at UiS, Wilczek will give a public talk titled:

"Some Intersections of Art and Science".

The talk is open to everyone interested


Professor Frank Wilczek is considered one of the world's most eminent theoretical physicists. He is known, among other things, for the discovery of asymptotic freedom, the development of quantum chromodynamics, the invention of axions, and the discovery and exploitation of new forms of quantum statistics (anyons).

(Source: Biography on the MIT web page.)

Prof Frank Wilczek (Photo: Justin Knight)

Prof Frank Wilczek (Photo: Justin Knight)