Previous Meetings

Previous meetings in the CIAM HUB on Technology and Innovation:

03. Dec 2014 (UiS) on the theme: "Technological Challenges Looking for Innvoative Solutions"

  • Paul Hocking, Tech Lead, BP Norge AS on Remote Condition and Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Christian Børresen, Maintenance Lead, Teekay Shipping on A Ship owner's perspective on condition monitoring

17.March 2015 (UiS): Integrated Lifecycle Asset Planning (ILAP)

  • Dr. Thore Langeland, Project Manager, ILAP

17.November 2015 (UiS): Role of Propriety Data for Real Risk in New Technologies

  • Rui M. Esteves, NOV, 'Challenges in Applying Machine Learning to the Oil and Gas Industry'.
  • Erdal Cayirci, NATO/UIS, 'Privacy and Technology'.

24. February 2016 (UiS): Study Tour: 3D Printing & 3D Scanning Technology

  • Prof. Hirpa G. Lemu, UIS - Introduction to 3D Printing and Scanning Technology
  • Prof. Vidar F. Hansen, UIS - Mechanical Properties and Microstructure in an additive manufactured nickel iron alloy.

04. March 2016 (UiS): New Technology Design and Depployment: Business Case of Reelwell

  • Jostein Alexandersen, Director at Reelwell

11. May 2016 (UiS): Fatigue life prediction for engineering structures

  • Dimitrios Pavlou, Professor, UIS

13. September 2016 (UiS): Data driven models for Business decision making: from technology integrity to economic decision

  • Stian Bjerkenes, Gassco
  • Gilberto Cervantes, MSc Student

04. November 2016 (UiS): Problem based innovation: Learning from student projects

  • Professor Hirpa G. Lemu

05. April 2017 (UiS): 3D / Additive Manufacturing Regional Initiative

07. February 2019: Technology innovation and trends - Identifying innovation opportunities