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Idriss El-Thalji { "honorific-suffix": "Førsteamanuensis", "fn": "Idriss El-Thalji", "tel": "Telefon: 51832794", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Institutt for maskin, bygg og materialteknologi
Rom KE E-202


Predictive Health monitoring and modelling (wear evolution)

Systems Dependability Engineering (Wind energy application)  and Service Development (Movable factory)

Business dynamics modelling and Industrial simulation

Interests: Engineering Education and learning methods, Technology in society, Public training on personal development

Utvalgte publikasjoner

El-Thalji, I., & Jantunen, E. (2016). Wear evolution in rolling element bearings: A system model. International journal of Industrial and system engineering.

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Pågående forskning


ARTecho project: Augmented Reality Applications for System Dynamics, Predictive Monitoring, and Analytics within Industrial Asset Management Lab. This is a project dedicated to Educational quality and Learning environment in Asset management education at UiS. 220,000 NOK.


2017-present: Associate Professor, Predictive health monitoring and systems development

2015-2016: Research manager and social trainer, Fadlansson ry, Finland

2011-2015: Research Scientist in Machine health, Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Finland

2011: Researcher in centre of industrial asset management, University of Stavanger, Norway

2009-2011: Researcher at Institute of Technology & Design at Linnaeus University, Sweden

2007-2009: CNC Manufacturing engineer, in Atlas Copco and Omalmkvist AB, Sweden

2005: Junior maritime engineer, AB maritime, Jordan

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

  • Rafique, Baber; Andersen, Pål Østebø (veileder); El-Thalji, Idriss (veileder); Raza, Jawad (veileder) (2020). Prepare a Road Map for the Application of Machine Learning in Condition-Based Maintenance. Universitetet i Stavanger. 52 s.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss (2019). Design for Predictive Maintenance: planning, preliminary and detailed analyses. Sakarya University; 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-11.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss (2019). Simulation Architecting Process: A framework to conceptualize behaviors and impacts of cyber-physical systems. Sakarya University; 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-11.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss (2018). Intelligent maintenance maturity of offshore oil and gas platform: A customized assessment model complies with industry 4.0 vision. ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss; Abdusselam, M. S.,; Duque, Santiago E.; Liyanage, Jayantha Prasanna (2018). Augmented reality technology for predictive maintenance education: A pilot case study. CIAM/UiS, ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss; Nordal, Helge (2018). Design for intelligent maintenance: A potential reference standard complies with industry 4.0 requirements. ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss; Nordal, Helge (2018). Intelligent Maintenance practices within Norwegian continental shelf toward Industry 4.0 vision: An overview. ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.