Programme PROFRES gathering 6-9 March 2017

PROFRES workshop, PhD course and generic courses 6-9 March 2017 at Nord University, campus Bodø

PROFRES Workshop

Nord university, campus Bodø
Monday 6 March 2017 

Room: auditorium Stein Rokkan (A2)

Workshop theme: "Collaboration and networks in the welfare services’ field"

Participants: PhD- candidates, supervisors, PROFRES partners with interest for the theme.

As an introduction to the PhD course "Studying collaboration and networks in the welfare services’ field: - Concepts, theories, methods and findings" PROFRES in cooperation with Nord University/ Faculty of Social Sciences wish to organize a "pre-doctoral course" workshop with the theme “Collaboration and networks in the welfare services' field(health, social work and education)".


Monday 6 March 2016

11:00 - 12:00     Lunsj i kantinen, “Grillen”

12.00 - 12.30     Samarbeid som sosial innovasjon, prof. Elisabeth Willumsen, UiS, og prof. Atle Ødegård, HiMolde

12.30 - 13.00     Statens barnehus

13.00 - 13.30     Foyer Bodø

13.30 - 13.50     Pause

13.50 - 15.00     Ph.d.-presentasjon/ diskusjon/ oppsummering

Coordinating care of older people with surgical wounds, Daisy M. Princeton, PhD Candidate, HVL/UiS


PROFRES PhD course (5 ECTS)
Nord university, campus Bodø 
Tuesday and Wednesday 7-8 March 2017

PhD course title: "Studying collaboration and networks in the welfare services’ field: - Concepts, theories, methods and findings"

Welfare service integration has been a prominent issue in Norway for some time now, including sectors such as health, social services and education. The ongoing “Coordination Reform” and the white paper on “Future Care” underscore how concepts like collaboration, co-management, joint-work, partnership and networks have gained currency in public authorities’ discourse, also in ways encompassing private and volun­ta­ry actors.


Tuesday March 7:

Room: Elias Blix (A13)

08:30-10:00:   Networking as a managerial and practice intervention approach

  • Why networks: Hype or hope?

  • Tracing its genealogy in the social services’ field

  • Describing taxonomies and variations across a collaboration continuum

  • Dispelling networking fundamentals and core concept

  • Proposing a (minimal) definition

  • Networking as coercion vs. networking as consent

10:30-12:00:   Networking as a research area (Oscar)

  • Plotting dominant theoretical perspectives

  • Identifying knowledge base and gaps

12:00-12:45:   Lunch in the cafeteria, “Grillen”

12:45-14:15:   Institutional contexts matter: Comparing collaborative frameworks in social services across different welfare regimes.  (Hannu and Janne)

14:30-16:00:   Networking operation on the ground: Cross-agency collaboration in Child Welfare and Protection in Norway and Quebec (Johans or Janne)

Wednesday March 8:

Room: Matthias Bonsach Krogh (A3)

08:30-10:00:   Identifying problems and challenges, carving out a research agenda

  • What are the problems/challenges social research on networks can tackle? Which are ‘blind spots’, what do we need to know?
  • Which kind of questions should we pose?

10:15-11:45:   Embarking on a research project, thinking about designs and methods

  • How to define an appropriate unit of analysis?

  • What would be a good research design?

  • Which methods are available, how can one adapt them to the ‘network theme’?

11:45-12:45:   Lunch in the cafeteria, “Grillen”

12:45-14.45:   Exchange on students’ research interests and projects

15:00-16:00:   Closing up - the relevancy and potential of service networks

Work in progress and Academic practice
Nord university, campus Bodø
Thursday 9 March 2017 

Plenary room: Matthias Bonsach Krogh (A3)

Group rooms: 2539, 2541, 2542, E122, E254

08.15 - 08.45 Startup in plenary with coffee/tea and fruit

08:45 - 11:00 Group work

11.00 -11.45 Lunch in the cafeteria, “Grillen”

11.45 -13.30 Academic Practice: Article writing and storyline, prof. Anders Örtenblad, Nord University


Work in progress and Academic practice are generic courses only for PROFRES candidates.


Nord universitet, campus Bodø

Nord universitet, campus Bodø