Bhupendra Kumar KC

Bhupendra Kumar KC is a PhD candidate at the University of Stavanger where he is researching Norwegian lower-secondary teachers' perceptions of and responses to classroom diversity.

The title of Kumar KC's PhD project is Preparing Teachers for Working in Diverse Classrooms. The project aims to study what characterizes the diversity phenomenon as manifested in teacher education policy documents and how do teachers understand and practice it when working with diverse student population in schools. The project employs a qualitative design and the data are to be gathered through individual and focus group interviews with teachers and also through the relevant policy documents analysis.

Struggles in diversity domain continue today regardless of some significant progress made in the inclusion of diversity in teacher education research (Cochran-Smith, Feiman-Nemser, & McIntyre, 2008). In Norwegian context, “integration and equal right to education are basic principles in Norwegian educational policy, however research has revealed that Norway often falls short when it comes to practice” (Ringen, & Kjørven, 2009, p.3). Thus, there is a large space for new ways of understanding and theorizing the work of teachers (Priestley, Biesta, & Robinson, 2015), for preparing them to work in diverse classrooms. Therefore, it is significant to explore more about how teachers understand and practice the phenomenon student diversity in classrooms. Specifically, how teachers meet learning needs of diverse student populations, and what pedagogical practices the teachers employ to deal with such students to create learning arena which provides opportunities with the equitable learning for all learners (Cochran-Smith et al., 2016) through the practice of inclusive pedagogical approaches ( Florian, 2014), and culturally responsive teaching(Gay, 2010). Currently, Bhupendra is working on his conceptual article as part of his literature review.