Digitalize or Die

Open Seminar «Digitalize or Die – Dynamic Drivers of Responsible Research and Innovation in health and welfare services”

Centre for Innovation Research and the UiS Business School invites all interested to a Seminar on March 1st, from 10am to 15pm at the UiS Kjølv Egelands hus, auditorium E-166. (NB Please notice change of building/room for the venue)

The registration for attending the seminar has ended.

A Health Care in Crisis?

There is little doubt that healthcare is in crisis.  Whilst there have been enormous advances in the nature and quality of care these are offset by powerful forces on the demand side. One rich source of opportunity lies in the world of digital healthcare – an umbrella label for a wide range of technologies that could meet the healthcare challenges. Examples include telemedicine, electronic medical records, robot surgery, ‘smart’ homes and ‘connected medicine’.

But the promise of digitalization might not be attained unless we are aware of its challenges:  What if these miraculous technological developments are abused, exposing society to the “dark side” of digital innovations? The seminar  focusing on three core issues: 

  • How can we anticipate and explore the likely consequences of decisions about technology?

  • How can we retain a degree of flexibility and avoid becoming ‘locked in’ too early?

  • Who should be involved in the discussion around design?

We want to share knowledge accumulated by international group of researchers and bring examples of digital innovations in health and welfare sector that facilitate principles of responsible innovation.



09.30 - 10.00 Registration and Coffee/Tea


Digitalize or die, introduction,
 Project leader Professor Tatiana Iakovleva (Norway, UiS)


Crossing the digital divide: responsible innovation in the e-health sector,
Professor John Bessant (UK, Exeter University)


Learning to share time: How to facilitate trust on a digital platform,
Professor Lene Foss (Norway, UiT)


Digitilization in the UK Health and Welfare sector
PhD Bernard Naughton (UK, Oxford)


Start-up challenge: the adaptive entrepreneurial process in an emerging economy,
Postdoc Elisa Thomas, Ph.d. (Norway, UiS)


Patient initiated innovations as drivers for change in hospital,
Ass. Professor Thomas Laudal (Norway, UiS)




Shaping responsible innovation trajectories.
Professor Kornelia Konrad, (Netherland, Twentee University)


Digitalisation and responsibility as a driver for a successful new venture creation,
PhD candidate Raj Thapa (Norway, UiS)


INSCL – a case of responsible innovation from Rogaland,
Head of Norwegian Smart Care Lab Marit Hagland (Valide)




Who is responsible for responsibility? An investigation of responsibility of digital start – ups for e-health solutions, Associate Professor Elin Oftedal (Norway, UiT)


Regional innovation- case of Lyse,
head of Innovation Department Dagfinn Våge


Towards Regional Responsible Research and Innovation,
Professor Rune Dahl Fitjar (Norway, UiS)


The market potential for responsible innovation: the case of Eyr,
Tamara Sizykh (Norway, UiT)

14.30-14.40 Ending of seminar