Public Lecture Series 1: UiS Energy & Sustainability Bootcamp

The student organisation of the Master in Energy, Environment and Society and the Research Network for Sustainable Energy at UiS welcomes you to a public lecture.

We are putting together the UiS Energy and Sustainability Bootcamp; a public lecture series, open to the university community and beyond. Topics will range from the future of energy to sustainable development, environmental communication, and other issues that are necessary to shape a society that is in line with the SDGs

The very first lecture will be delivered by Siri Kalvig, Leader of the Research Network for Sustainable Energy, and Harald Nils Røstvik, Professor of Sustainable Urban Planning at the Department of Industrial Economics, Risk Management and Planning at UiS. This lecture will set the stage by introducing the Research Network, its different areas of research, and the lecture schedule we have planned for this semester.