Presentation: Diving and subsea vessels

Join Subsea 7 and Statoil representatives as they give presentations on the history and technology of industrial diving, from yesterday's bounce diving to the future of advanced remote operated tools and vehicles.

Company representatives from both Subsea7 and Statoil will attend the event and give a lecture about key aspects concerning vessel design and operational experience. Statoil personnel will show some examples from ROT (Remotely Operated Tool) operations on vessels and rig, including on Norskald (Osprey), in the early days of the subsea industry.

The presentations are given in connection with Subsea7's donation of the model diving vessel DSV Osprey.

The event is free and open to everyone.


Welcome & intro - Tor Henning Hemmingsen (UiS)

Subsea 7 (SS7): Past, Present and Future, and Hand-over of the “DSV Seven Osprey” vessel model - Terje Clausen (SS7)

Historical review – Arnfinn Nergaard (Norwegian Petroleum Museum)

Early days of diving operations (bounce diving) by one who did it – Ron Imrie

Diving operations from a modern Diving Support Vessel (DSV) – Joar Gangenes (SS7)

Remote interventions from Norskald to the future – Olav Bruset (Statoil)

Subsea technology development – Hans Jørgen Lindland

Closing remarks - Arnfinn Nergaard and Tor Henning Hemmingsen


Photo of the DSV Seven Osprey vehicle

The DSV Seven Osprey vehicle