Workshop on Motivation and Incentives 2018

The UiS Business School is proud to host a Workshop on Motivation and Incentives, with participation from top European researchers.

New research will be presented from behavioural economists studying the following research questions: 1. What motivates efforts in firms and markets 2. How do people respond to various types of incentives? The workshop is organized by professor Ola Kvaløy, and is open for all interested.  

PROGRAM (pdf of program)

Monday June 11th     

0900 - 0945
Motivation and Coordination – A Field Experiment on Leadership Functions and Team Performance in Non-Routine Analytical Team Tasks
Simeon Schudy, University of Munich

0945 - 1030
Effects of team gender composition on women´s leadership aspirations
Eva Ranehill, University of Gothenburg

1030 - 1045         Break

1045 - 1130
Subjective Evaluation: The Role of (Institutionalized) Conflicts for Motivation
Christian Zehnder, University of Lausanne

1130 - 1215
Lack of Ability or lack of luck? Gender differences in reactions to negative feedback
Christina Gravert, University of Gothenburg

1215 - 1315        Lunch

1315 - 1400
How Can We Inspire Nations of Learners? Evidence from Growth Mindset Interventions Conducted in Two Countries
Mari Rege, University of Stavanger

1400 - 1445
Incentivizing Exercise Improves Academic Performance
Mathias Ekström, Norwegian School of Economics

1445 - 1500         Break

1500 - 1545
Do Markets Erode Morals?
Björn Bartling, University of Zurich

1545 - 1630
Motivation and incentives in an online labor market
Ola Kvaløy, University of Stavanger


Tuesday June 12th

0900 - 0945
Optimal Sales Force Compensation: The Impact of Kickbacks
Anja Schottner, Humboldt University Berlin

0945 - 1030
Paying for personal productivity raises gender gaps and female unequality
Gaute Torsvik, University of Oslo

1030 - 1045         Break

1045 - 1130
Competing on the Holodeck
Christine Harbring, Aachen University

1130 - 1215
Grind or Gamble? An Experimental Analysis of Effort and Spread Seeking in Contests
Ola Andersson, Uppsala University

1215 - 1300        Lunch

1300 - 1345
The Good, the Bad, and the Conditional: Sustaining Cooperation through Self-Sorting
Kjell Arne Brekke, University of Oslo

1345 - 1430
Gender Differences in Tournament Choices: Risk Preferences, Overconfidence or Competitiveness?
Roel van Veldhuizen, WZB Berlin


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UiS Business School, Elise Ottesen-Jensen hus