Gjesteforelesning om politisk kommunikasjon

Mandag 18. juni holder June Mario Haim, stipendiat ved Ludwig Maximilian University i Munchen, en gjesteforelesning om politisk kommunikasjon.

Mario vil snakke spesifikt om brukermønstre, informasjonskilder og temaeierskap i valgkampanjer.

Gjesteforelesningen er tilknyttet prosjektet Digitale nyhetsagendaer i Skandinavia, ledet av Helle Sjøvaag, professor ved Institutt for medie- og samfunnsfag.

Her kan du lese mer om June Mario Haim.

Litt mer om forelesningen: 

Googling politics: Usage patterns, information sources, and issue ownerships in the 2017 German Federal Election campaign

Interpersonal as well as "mass" communication today heavily relies on algorithmic environments, such as social networking sites, search engines, or aggregators. Yet, such intermediaries follow their own (market-oriented) and strictly intransparent rules. This requires communication research to adapt, at least methodologically, if not entirely. With that being the fundamentals of my research, I will provide a short overview of some recent projects along with a more in-depth presentation of one study on the information behavior within search engines during the latest 2017 German Federal Election.

Recent public debates have pointed at various algorithmic online phenomena such as search engine rankings as causes of constrained access to political information online. Empirical investigations, however, are still sparse. Thus, we analyze what search results people encounter when searching for information in the realm of elections, and how these results reflect people’s issue-ownership attributions. During the 2017 German Federal Election, we followed a multi-method design consisting of survey data about ascribed party-issue links and search results obtained from Google Search through agent-based testing. Search results originated mainly from established news outlets and reflected existing power relations between political parties. Issue-ownership attributions were reflected poorly in the search results. In total, our results suggest that the fear of algorithmic constraints in the context of online search might be unsubstantiated.

Tid og sted: Mandag 18. juni kl. 13.15-14.00 i EOJ 376.