Forelesning om "Globalisation, Transformation, Culture – Perspectives for critical educational research"

Professor Stefan Faas, University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd, holder foredraget "Globalisation, Transformation, Culture – Perspectives for critical educational research"

Stefan Faas is professor in social pedadogy at the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. His ersearch is focused on early childhood educatonm, family and parent education, transformation research as well as internationalization of education and social support. 

In recent years, national education systems from early childhood education to higher education have increasingly found themselves under intense pressure to reform. Against this background, many countries implementing educational reforms and changes in the education system are making reference to international research findings and trends in order to create a "new pedagogy" that meets these trends.

This contribution reflects such developments and challenges related to national early childhood education systems and practices in the context of globalisation and transnational education policy. It is based on the assumption that international developments and reform movements are not adopted directly in real-world educational practice, but rather are received, adapted and implemented against a backdrop of historically developed, culture-specific structures and contexts governing action and meaning. When scientifically investigating transnational strategies and agendas – especially as part of an international comparison – and considering implementation of appropriate programs and approaches as well as critically reflecting on them, a systematic assessment of cultural characteristics and differences is required.