Haunting humanity: monster talks

The Monster Network, invites to an open lecture at UiS celebrating 200 years since the publication of Frankenstein’s monster.

Dr. Siv Frøydis Berg, researcher at the Norwegian National library, gives her talk Creating a human, creating a self. Mary Shelleys Frankenstein.

The talk is followed by a panel conversation between between editors of two special issues foregrounding the monster: SI Promises of monsters (Somatechnics Journal) meets SI Manufacturing Monsters (Nordlit Journal, UiT).  We ask: why the monster and why now?

With the generous support of the Nordic Culture Point, the monster network is organizing a 2-day workshop in Stavanger, Norway on November 29 & 30. This workshop, called Haunted Humanity, critically engages with ongoing debates about exclusion and inclusion through the ideas surrounding monsters, ghosts and haunting. We aim to explore not only important historical contexts for how monsters emerged as justifications for discrimination and violence, but also the monstrous Others as figures that haunt the foundations of the very idea of humanity, and what it means to be human today. 

Haunting humanity: monster talks

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