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Sverre Christoffer Guldberg { "honorific-suffix": "Stipendiat", "fn": "Sverre Christoffer Guldberg", "tel": "Telefon: 51833088", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Arkeologisk museum
Institutt/senter Avdeling konservering

2019 -: PhD Research Fellow in Archaeometry/Conservation science, University of Stavanger
2015: 1/2 yr practical woodcarving, Handverksskulen Hjerleid
2014-2015: 1 yr practical blacksmithing, Handverksskulen Hjerleid
2012-2014: MA in Archaeology, University of Oslo
2009-2012: BA in Culture and Social Sciences, University of Oslo
2008-2009: 1 yr Art History, University of Stavanger



Agency theory
Ancient technology
Archaeological theory
Cognitive science
Conservation studies
Experimental archaeology
Material studies

Utvalgte publikasjoner

2014: Med øks og sverd - Arkeologiske gjenstander som kilde til kulturell forståelse. Nicolay Arkeologisk Tidsskrift 122:17-24.

2014: MA Thesis - The Smith on the Edge of Worlds: New perspectives on technology and ideology in the Late Norwegian Iron Age.

2015: Smed: En etymologisk introduksjon. SMED - Tidsskrift for Norsk Smedforening 17:6-7.

2016: En ambolt til besvær. SMED - Tidsskrift for Norsk Smedforening 18:6-7.

2016: Kongssmed og bondesmed. SMED - Tidsskrift for Norsk Smedforening 19:8-9.

Pågående forskning

Using lime and mortar production for Stavanger Cathedral (1125 AD) as a case, the project explores past and present epistemologies and the ways in which Western norms and a loss of practical knowledge influences (1) our interpretation of past societies and (2) our ability to take care of traditional buildings in the present.

The project stresses the importance of cross-disciplinary research and bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. Has the down-classing of practical knowledge in modern times caused a distancing between humans and materiality which could be harmful for traditional buildings? How did they value the stonemason's knowledge in Medieval times? And are we trying to interpret past crafting traditions through binoculars of a modern mentality without meaning to?

Inspired by Maikel Kuijpers' sensory upgrade to the chaîne-opératorie, I will try to answer these questions though a combination of experimental archaeology, ANT, phenomenology and scientific examination, in comparison to archaeological and textual evidence.


2019-: PhD Research Fellow in Archaeometry/Conservation studies, University of Stavanger
2016 -: Resource/expert group for "Kulturminner for alle", Fortidsminneforeningen
2016-: Organisation of the Norwegian Forum for Experimental Archaeology

2019: Researcher, Department of Conservation, Museum of Archaeology, UiS
2018-2019: Advisor, Department of Conservation, Museum of Archaeology, UiS
2016: Museum guide, Kaupangprosjektet
2013-2014: Archaeological fieldwork, Museum of Cultural History, UiO
2012-2014: Museum guide, Museum of Cultural History, UiO
2012: Archaeological fieldcourse/-work, Bamburgh Research Program (UK)

Have also been on the board for the conservation and archaeology students at University of Oslo.