Åpen forelesning: Peak Stavanger? A discussion on the geopolitics of renewables

Er Stavanger forberedt på energiframtiden? Hvordan kan byen bevare sin posisjon som energihovedstad? Det er noen av problemstillingene UiS-professor Gunnar Nerheim og University of Delft-professor Daniel Scholten diskuterer i den åpne forelesningen 2. november.

Introduksjon til forelesningen:

Peak Stavanger? Keeping your sway in the age of renewables

The extraction of oil, gas and other fossil fuels has shaped today’s society. In no European city can this be felt as strongly as in the case of Stavanger. With its status of being one of the world’s energy capitals, the city owes much of its attractiveness and influence to its central position in the European energy system. However, the trend towards renewables seems inevitable, and hence the map of strategic realities changes. As a result, Stavanger finds itself in a paradoxical position: The city’s current status is intrinsically linked to the extraction and distribution of the energy riches under the North Sea; yet in the face of increasing requirements for greater sustainability, renewables increasingly challenge the given patterns of interconnectivity, and thus reshuffle the current pattern of centre and periphery. Driven by exogenous pressures a new map is emerging: the geopolitics of renewables. Torn between two shifting geopolitical realities, Stavanger faces the challenge of redefining its standpoint. This is evident in local initiatives and city planning towards sustainability; however, by and large, the city’s place on the geopolitical map remains largely is resultant of its locality to offshore resources. Stavanger’s resilience as a place of wider significance, could, hence, well be tested in the near future. A question arises: can Stavanger sustain its position as an energy capital and retain its scope of influence, thus emerging as a winner of the new global energy game Time will tell whether it will continue to ride the energy wave in the face of a stark new reality.

With this event, we want to evaluate the possibility of a "Peak Stavanger", the apex of the city’s say and sway in Europe and worldwide. Two speakers will contribute to this discussion:

  • Dr. Gunnar Tore Nerheim, UiS, Stavanger, Norway
  • Dr. Daniel Scholten, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

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Forelesningen er en del av forelesningsserien UiS Energy and Sustainability Bootcamp, initiert av linjeforeningen for masterprogrammet Energy, Environment and Society. Forelesningsserien tar for seg framtidens energi, bærekraftig utvikling, miljøkommunikasjon og øvrige problemstillinger som må adresseres for å forme et samfunn i tråd med FNs bærekraftsmål.