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Mathias Klitgård { "honorific-suffix": "Stipendiat", "fn": "Mathias Klitgård", "tel": "Telefon: 51834525", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet
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- New Materialism and the Posthumanities
- Queer Theory
- Historical Materialism and Critiques of Capital

Utvalgte publikasjoner

"Tiempo y materia en Marx y Barad - Notas hacia una noción materialista del tiempo", Afecto y Disciplina - Debates sobre Teoría y Metodología a partir del Giro Afectivo, H. Lopez and D. Gutiérrez (eds.), forthcoming, 2019.

"Family Time Gone Awry - Vogue Houses and Queer Repro-Generationality at the Intersection(s) of Race and Sexuality", Debate Feminista, vol. 57, pp. 108-133, 2019.

"Anderson on Benjamin - Liberalism's Use of Nationalism", TIDskrift, vol. 9, pp. 20-29, 2016.

Pågående forskning


Review Editor of Kvinder, Køn og Forskning (November 2017 - present)

Editor of Hysteria (July 2014 - February 2017) 

Research Intern at Modus Operandi, Grenoble (August 2014 - December 2014)

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

  • Sørensen, Mathias Klitgård (2019). Decolonial insights and perspectives from within the academic society. SAIH-Stavanger og Pan-African Student Union of Stavanger; 2019-04-10.
  • Sørensen, Mathias Klitgård (2019). Queer Materialism: Approaches from New and Historical Materialisms. NORA; 2019-05-21 - 2019-05-24.
  • Sørensen, Mathias Klitgård (2019). Queer Materialism: Diffractions of Materialisms Old and New. Historical Materialism; 2019-05-02 - 2019-05-05.