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Natalia?s research concerns innovative ways of supporting children?s book reading, digital literacy and exploring the role of personalisation in early years. She co-edits the Bloomsbury Book Series Children?s Reading and Writing on Screen and the journal Literacy published by Wiley. Natalia?s research takes place collaboratively across academia, commercial and third sectors.

Utvalgte publikasjoner


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JOURNAL ARTICLES: (selected since 2014 only)

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Pågående forskning

  • PHILIORUM (2018-2023) supported by the Norwegian Research Council through FINNUT.https: // centers / filiorum-center- kindergarten research / 
  • Dynamic, Real-time, On-demand Personalization for Scaling (2018-2020) funded by EPSRC, with the University College London


Previous roles include:

  • Senior Research Fellow at University College London
  • Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies & Early Years, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, Open University
  • Visiting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associate, Booktrust and Open University, UK
  • Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Education, Harvard University, USA


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