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Natalia Kucirkova works as Professor of Early Childhood and Development at the University of Stavanger, Norway and Professor of Reading and Children's Development at the Open University, UK. She is also Honorary Visiting Professor at University College London, UK, Charted Psychologist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Natalia?s work is concerned with social justice in children?s literacy and use of technologies. She is the founder of the International Collective of Children?s Digital Books that connects research and design in children?s e-books and literacy apps and Chair of the Children?s Digital Book Award that is the first award judged entirely by teachers. Her research takes place collaboratively across academia, commercial and third sectors and she holds the Emerald Global Impact Award for developing a ?Focus on Lifecycle Approaches to Impact?. Natalia is currently involved in the voluntary work of Red Cross in Norway and National Literacy Trust in the UK, and was previously actively involved in Save The Children and BookTrust, UK.

Natalia?s academic work has promoted innovative ways of supporting children?s book reading, digital literacy, and exploring the role of personalisation in the early years. She co-edits the Bloomsbury Book Series Children?s Reading and Writing on Screen and the journal Literacy published by Wiley. She has co-developed an award-winning MOOC ?Childhood in the Digital Age?, an app for children?s story-making ?Our Story? and professional development course for teachers ?Children?s Reading on Screen?. Natalia is the leading co-editor for two International Routledge Handbooks and first author of more than forty peer-reviewed research articles. She wrote the books Digital Personalization in Early Childhood (Bloomsbury) and How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books (UCL Press) and currently blogs for Huffington Post and Psychology Today.



Natalia currently supervises six PhD students and two Master students (no capacity for more). 

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Pågående forskning

Supporting scholars and academics to effectively communicate their research, transform practice and apply it to product development:

Researching how personalization affects empathy for out-group members and the extent to which children's literature promotes in-group biases

The use of children's personal data in large recommender systems

Volunteers reading with disadvantaged children through screens and in local libraries:

FILIORUM - Centre for Research in Early Education and Care

Dynamic, Real-time, On-demand Personalization for Scaling (2018-2020) funded by EPSRC, with the University College London


Previous positions:

-Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Education, University College London, UK

-Senior Lecturer in Childhood Studies & Early Years, Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

-Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, Faculty of Education, The Open University, UK

-Associate Lecturer in Psychology, Faculty of Education, The Open University, UK

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