Kari Jokstad

Kari Jokstad is a public sector PhD candidate at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, University of South-Eastern Norway. Kari’s research is about reablement; Team-based rehabilitation for home-dwelling older adults.

The municipal home care services should not only provide traditional health services, but also ensure that its users the opportunity to live independent and meaningful lives. More than 200 municipalities in Norway are now offering reablement as an intervention in home care services. Reablement is a time-limited, intensive, interdisciplinary, person-centered and goal-directed intervention whereby older adults can be supported in regaining or maintaining their independence in daily life.

When a reablement process is initialized, the main question from the team to the participant is What is important to you? This means that the patient’s wishes and needs should be the starting point for all decisions made about the intervention. Such user involvement is stated in the Norwegian Patients Rights Act. However, studies indicate that user involvement is rare within goal-setting in rehabilitation. Older adults in particular often practice participation in a discrete way and their voices may not be heard.

International and Norwegian research indicates that reablement can lead to an improved experience of independence, physical function and health-related quality of life, but these findings are not without ambiguity. By conducting interviews, the study Team-based rehabilitation for home-dwelling older adults explores how participants and health care professionals experience user involvement in reablement in general and in goal-setting in particular. Five persons that have personal experience with reablement have assisted in the development of the study. In addition, data from medical records will be analyzed to identify factors which may be significant for the participants to achieve greater independence and mastering in activities of daily life.

The study will provide the municipality with a larger evidence based platform to meet the needs for reablement and develop effective models for reablement in home care services. This will be useful for participants, personnel and stakeholders.

Kari Jokstad