Veganism, transportation and environmental impact

Going vegan has a bigger positive environmental impact than cutting out flights or shifting to an electric car. False or true? Joseph Poore, Queens College, University of Oxford, will present their latest research answering this question.

Joseph Poore has led the work of creating the world’s most ccomprehensive database yet, on the environmental impacts of agriculture, land use and emissions and will show the relative impact of climate gas emissions from food, buildings and transportation.

The recently launched results have resounded globally.

Master students on the BYG 610 Sustainable City Regions course will present their research on whether Stavanger’s city council can succeed in its aim of cutting climate gas emissions by 80% within 2030, and if so, how. Similarly, students have researched how emissions can be cut by 80% in Rogaland County, in Norway at large, and on the University of Stavanger campus.

It is all about how to cut emissions.

But what about health damages caused by air pollution?


Open to all – free access.


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