Research Seminar and Workshop on Childbearing

Health promoting childbearing and neonatal care for families in a global world are the subjects of this research seminar and workshop.

The primary aim of this collaborative research seminar and workshop is to enable a deeper understanding of various qualitative approaches and methods in health promoting childbearing research; research on childbearing and neonatal care in a global context from different perspectives, and the contribution to theory, research and practice.

The seminar will feature keynote speeches and presentations by International, European and Nordic researchers in the area of childbearing from pregnancy, birth, postpartum or neonatal care. 

Please register to attend the seminar 
Registration deadline: August 15th
Registration fee: free of charge

The research seminar and workshop is organized by Childbearing – the qualitative research network (BfiN) in collaboration with Nordic and European partners.

Find more information on the seminar webpage.

Research Seminar and Workshop on Childbearing