Potential collaboration with University of A Coruña

Terese Bondas, professor at UiS, was invited to visit the University of A Coruña, Galicia Spain from June 24-29 th 2019 to discuss opportunities for further cooperation between the universities.

  • PhD cand Sara Fernandez Basanta, Ass Prof Maria Jesus Movilar, Prof Terese Bondas University A Caruna, Spain june 2019.jpg (rw_largeArt_1201).jpg
    From left: PhD candidate Sara Fernandez Basanta, Associate Professor María-Jesús Movilla-Fernández and Terese Bondas.
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    From left: PhD candidate Carla Freijomil Vazquez, Associate Professor María-Jesús Movilla-Fernández, Terese Bondas, PhD candidate Sara Fernandez Basanta, and Associate Professor Carmen Coronado

During her visit, Terese held a guest lecture on meta-synthesis and a workshop. In addition, she supervised PhD candidate Sara Fernandez Basanta. Sara is a registered nurse and PhD candidate at the Health Sciences Department at the university. In the fall, she will be presenting her research at the Childbearing seminar and workshop in Stavanger. September 12-13th, and she will stay for a three-month exchange at the Faculty of Health Sciences, UiS.  

International mobilty agreement

Professor Terese Bondas is also collaborating with Associate Professor María-Jesús Movilla-Fernández, Head of Health Sciences Department at University of A Coruña, on a new Erasmus agreement between UiS and the University of A Coruña. The agreement initially concerns staff mobility, but may possibly be expanded to apply to student exchange in the long term. María-Jesús Movilla-Fernández is planning a visit to UiS in connection with the Childbearing seminar and workshop in September.

International mobility for staff and students is an important part of the internationalization of higher education. Visiting each other provides opportunities for professional development as well as intercultural learning experiences, benefiting students, staff and partners.

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