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Research, teaching and academia

Research and teaching

Among the environmental impacts of energy production, greenhouse gas emissions are the ones most widely discussed. However, environmental impacts of energy production and transmission are manifold, and require regulation by both, energy and environmental policy. Given the urgency to move away from the current fossil-fuel economy, what kind of political and socio-technical changes are required to facilitate a transition towards a low carbon economy and society? To answer this question, this professorship will look at inter/national politics, regional policy arrangements and the role of citizens and consumers as agents of change. 


While researchers have observed an increase in narcissism in society, institutions in academia to some extent have further propelled this general trend. Unhealthy narcissists are attributed a self-confidence that is confused with greater competence; an immense need for attention and lack of sensitivity for the community; an orientation towards ?cleverly worded and well-polished half-right papers? (Lemaitre 2017, 879); and an attitude towards collaboration that resembles ?deal making? in politics (Lemaitre 2017). Not surprisingly, character traits of environmentalists (see e.g. Brick and Lewis 2016) do not match with behavior that Lemaitre (2017) even describes as resulting into the well-known ?Tragedy of the Commons?. Additional to this emergence of narcissism, socialization in online environments with social practices like trolling, hacking, impersonation or doxing, where misogynic, defaming behavior has been normalized (see e.g. Massanari 2017), brings with it yet other forms of behavior that would be seen as unethical or criminal outside of these communities, but is seen as noble or done with a sense of virtue within the community (Aghazedeh et al. 2018, 197). The examination of such behavior in academia will be another focus of my professorship. 


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Regional environmental and energy governance, including politics, policies and policy arrangements, as well as citizens and consumers as agents of change.

Utvalgte publikasjoner

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Pågående forskning


I have done research and have taught courses at universities and research institutes in Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and China. So far, I have supervised five PhD researchers until completion of their thesis, as well as Master and Bachelor students in completing theses and student pojects.   

As a PhD researcher and PostDoc, I was responsible for coordinating international collaborative projects in the context of EU funded research and Sino-Dutch collaborative programmes respectively.