Meet Marlene van Niekerk

Marlene van Niekerk is one of South Africas most distinguished and accomplished writers. She is best-known in Norway for her monumental novel Agaat from 2007, which was published in Norwegian in 2013.

The literary journal The White Review says of van Niekerks work that it "casts an unflinching, penetrating regard on post-apartheid South African society, registering beauty and frailty alongside almost unbearable cruelty. Her prose has an ability unrivaled in Afrikaans for shifting register in order to capture the high academic, poetic, regionally vernacular, or simply idiosyncratic discourses of her characters." In addition to her literary career, van Niekerk is also a doctor of philosophy, and she teaches creative writing at Stellenbosch University.

Meet Marlene van Niekerk in conversation with Brita Strand Rangnes from the Univeristy of Stavanger.

The conversation will be in english.

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Meet Marlene van Niekerk