The University of Stavanger, in partnership with RUNIN, would like to welcome you to the 5th Geography of Innovation Conference, which will take place in Stavanger from 29th to 31st January 2020

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University of Stavanger presented by the UiS Business School, UiS Centre for Innovation Research and RUNIN - The Role of Universities in Innovation and Regional Development is proud to host the 5th Geography of Innovation Conference - INNOGEO2020.

The INNOGEO2020 provides a forum for discussion to scholars and policymakers who are interested in scientific, policy and strategic issues concerning the spatial dimension of innovation activities. 

In line with the four previous editions of the conference, held in Saint Etienne (France) in 2012, Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2014, Toulouse (France) in 2016 and Barcelona (2018), the main objective of this event is to bring together some of the world’s leading scholars from a variety of disciplines ranging from economic geography and regional science, economics and management science, sociology and network theory, and political and planning sciences.

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Key Note Speakers:

  • Shiri Breznitz, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto
  • Meric Gertler, University of Toronto
  • Mercedes Delgado, Copenhagen Business School | MIT Innovation Initiative
  • Neil Lee, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Alessandra Faggian, Gran Sasso Science Institute
  • César A. Hidalgo, MIT Media Lab

Regular sessions

  • Universities and the geography of innovation
  • The uneven geography of innovation
  • Innovation policy for regions and countries
  • Green and sustainable innovation
  • Mobility of workers, relatedness and the geography of innovation
  • Innovation and regional economic development
  • Responsible innovation, social innovation and inclusive growth
  • MNCs, Global Production Networks and knowledge spillovers
  • Urban agglomerations, externalities and innovation
  • Spatial dynamics of innovation networks
  • Geography of science
  • Globalisation of innovation and knowledge
  • Proximity and innovation
  • Social capital, institutions and innovation
  • Innovation in developing and emerging economies
  • Innovation in peripheral regions
  • The geography of innovation in the energy industry
  • Smart cities and smart regions
  • Clusters, industrial districts and regional innovation systems
  • Work-life, digitisation and automation
  • The geography of innovation in the circular economy


Head of the Committee: Vice-rector and professor Rune Dahl Fitjar (University of Stavanger, Norway)

Committee Members :

  • Andrés Rodriguez-Pose (London School of Economics, UK and University of Stavanger, Norway)
  • Bjørn Terje Asheim (University of Stavanger, Norway and Lund University, Sweden)
  • Corinne Autant-Bernard (University of Saint Etienne, France)
  • Jerome Vicente (University of Toulouse, France)
  • Koen Frenken (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
  • Marte Cecilie Wilhelmsen Solheim (University of Stavanger, Norway)
  • Ragnar Tveterås (University of Stavanger, Norway)
  • Ron Boschma (Utrecht University, The Netherlands and University of Stavanger, Norway)
  • Rosina Moreno (University of Barcelona, Spain)
  • Tom Broekel (University of Stavanger, Norway)

Administrative commitee members:

  • Egil C. Svela (University of Stavanger, Norway)
  • Kristoffer W. Moldekleiv (University of Stavanger, Norway)
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