PROFRES gathering 9-12 March 2020

Cultivating the Academic Art and Craft: Methodology and Writing

UiS campus UiS campus Ullandhaug

Our theme for this PROFRES-gathering is Cultivating the Academic Art and Craft: Methodology and Writing. Through a range of stimulating keynotes, plenaries, buzz-groups and workshops, candidates are encouraged to explore and reflect on central aspects of research planning, execution and writing up, as well as discussing common standards or ideals concerning what constitutes quality and integrity in scientific research:

The following key topics will be explored in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of invited national and international experts:

  • how to think about, conceptualize and represent your PhD research
  • how to identify and ensure quality and coherence in the thesis
  • how to practice the art and craft of academic writing, including creative approaches
  • how to grapple with methodology as the overarching research strategy, encompassing the choice of theory (frameworks, concepts, epistemological and ontological postulates and principles) and the choice of methods (practices, procedures, creative inventions) that can help you answer you research question
  • the importance of a well-executed methods chapter in your thesis
  • hands-on data analysis and troubleshooting

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Confirmed keynote speakers/session facilitators:

Those candidates who wish can sign on to get ECTS-credits for taking part in a three-day course consisting of lectures, workshops and a written assignment.