Challenges in synthesizing qualitative studies

PROFRES Interactive workshop 12 March 2020 at 08.30 - 11.30

Led by:

Terese Bondas, Professor, Health Sciences, University of Stavanger and Adjunct Professor, Methods in Health Sciences, University of Eastern Finland

Maria Strandås, Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences, Nord University

Room: KE C-283


Qualitative research includes varied approaches and methods that should be chosen in relation to the aim and focus of the study. The methodological issues and the use of theory differ between the qualitative approaches and methods. The challenges in synthesizing different qualitative studies, and critically analyzing the impact of methodological decisions, and the role of theory, will be the focus in this interactive workshop. The workshop will include theoretical outlining of synthesizing qualitative studies, examples of metasyntheses, and reflections, based on the papers and questions from the doctoral students, in relation to their manuscripts in progress.

Papers should be sent to or by March 1st. 

Recommended readings (PDF)