Seminar on innovative thoughts on public health, occupational health and ehealth

The research group Societal Participation in School and Health invite you to a one-hour seminar with three recognized international professors in the field.


Heleen Riper, Psych, is professor in eMental Health at VU, Amsterdam

Willem van Mechelen, MD, is professor in Public- and Occupational health at VU, Amsterdam.

Monica Lillefjell, OT, is professor in Public Health at NTNU, Trondheim.


09.00– 09.05 Welcome Professor Randi Wågø Aas
09.05– 09.20 Digital intervention and E-health’s potential for work related use of alcohol or work-related alcohol culture Professor Heleen Riper 
09.20– 09.35 The use of the Sante Q HRA questionnaire and online platform as a way to rationalize occupational health care Professor Willem van Mechelen
09.35– 09.50 How can work and health be a more integrated part of public health research and education? Professor Monica Lillefjell
09.50– 10.00 Questions to our guests  

Warm welcome to colleagues, students, and network!