Data-interpretation and producing a multi-layered text in your thesis

PROFRES Interactive workshop 12 March at 08.30 - 11.30

Led by: Professor Linda Lundgaard Andersen, Roskilde University

Room: Dataverkstedet, 2. etg Kjølv Egelands hus


In this workshop we will focus on two themes that are interlinked. We will explore the methodic and methodological background for how to produce multi-layered analyses and texts. And we will do a hands-on workshop on how to produce a multi-layered text for your thesis – either this is part of a chapter-based thesis or a monography. A multi-layered text is a representation of your data in which you give access to a number of ‘voices’ from your research field in order to provide a more inclusive analysis and text. Often research texts represent a monolithic text – that is one voice dominating. But it is possible to develop a polyphone text – that is including several voices from your research field and your data. In the workshop we will have a presentation on this text production and its methods and methodology. And secondly we will work by short writing session to experiment on multi-layered texts by interpretations and by writing.

Participants should bring a text fragment from their data – 1 page in which several voices/actors from your research is present. The language will in either English or Scandinavian – you choose! We might have Chris to join our workshop. You choose the language to do the writing exercises.

Text fragment should be sent to or by March 1st. 

Recommended readings:

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  • Andersen, L. (1996). A Voice of Your Own – An Educational Ethnography about Human Service in Denmark. In: Olesen, H. S. R. ., & Rasmussen, P. (1996). Theoretical Issues in Adult Education: Danish Research and Experiences. Kbh.: Roskilde Universitetsforlag, pp 264-283.
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