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Nelly Narges Karimi { "honorific-suffix": "Førstekonsulent", "fn": "Nelly Narges Karimi", "tel": "", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Prorektor for innovasjon og samfunn
Institutt/senter Innovasjonsavdelingen
Rom HL A-239
Tlf priv/mob (+47) 942 95 503

Nelly works at Innovasjonsavdelingen (INA). Her primary responsibility is to facilitate, coordinate and developthe InGenious.InGenious is one of the "Challenge Based Innovation & Learning" initiatives of ECIU University and focuses on real-life challenges brought forward by companies, public bodies, or civil organizations. She holds two master's degrees from university of Stavanger. First in management and the second one in Energy, Environment, and Society with the focus on innovation and sustainability in aquaculture. She also studied business at university of Oslo and Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Berkeley. Along with her education, she has experience as a project manager in her early twenties in Iran, as an analyst at a media company in San Francisco, and sustainability and strategy adviser in Stavanger. The field of her interest in research is, innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.



Sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurhip

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