Introduticon to Endnote

EndNote is a useful tool for managing references, and creating bibliographies in Word.


EndNote is available for both PC and Mac, but if you are using Mac we recommend you use Zotero.

You can export references from library catalogs and databases into EndNote. EndNote ensures that when you enter a reference in the text in Word, the reference will be designed correctly and in the right alphabetical place in the bibliography. If you delete the reference in the text, the bibliography wil be updated accordingly.

You can download EndNote yourself. Sign in with your usual username and password.
Participants are required to install it prior to attending the workshop. 


Target audience: master students and employees 

Prior knowledge:basic knowledge about searching in Oria and library databases is helpful but not mandatory 

Equipment:laptop with required software installed 

Length of session: 2 hours  


After attending the session, you should be able to: 

  • insert correctly formatted in-text citations 

  • create a correctly formatted reference list 

  • import references from Oria, databases and web pages to EndNote 

  • insert references manually into EndNote 

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