Klimaforsker i verdensklasse foreleser på UiS

Sovacool er professor i energipolitikk ved Universitetet i Sussex og er én av de mest siterte forskerne i energi- og klimapolitikken globalt.

Benjamin Sovacool er også klimarådgiver til EU-kommisjonens direktorat for forskning og innovasjon, og hovedforfatter for "Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6)" som Det internasjonale klimapanelet (IPCC) skal levere i 2022. 

Tirsdag 25. februar holder Sovacool åpen forelesning med tema Accelerating energy and low-carbon transistions.

Etter forelesningen vil det bli debatt med blant andre professor i byplanlegging Harald Røstvik, professor i miljøhistorie Dolly Jørgensen og professor i statsvitenskap Oluf Langhelle.

Alle er velkomne. 

"Transitioning away from our current global energy system is of paramount importance. The speed at which a transition can take place—its timing, or temporal dynamics—is a critical element of consideration. This presentation therefore investigates the issue of time in global and national energy transitions by asking: What does the mainstream academic literature suggest about the time scale of energy transitions? Additionally, what does some of the more recent empirical data related to transitions say, or challenge, about conventional views? In answering these questions, the article presents a “mainstream” view of energy transitions as long, protracted affairs, often taking decades to centuries to occur. However, the article then offers some empirical evidence that the predominant view of timing may not always be supported by the evidence, and that accelerated transitions are possible under the right circumstances."


Benjamin Sovacool