LaTeX 1: Introduction to LaTeX

LaTeX is an advanced document preparation system designed for large and complex documents. LaTeX is a great tool if you are writing a paper containing mathematical equations and symbols. The built-in algorithms ensures that the document will have consistent structure, high typographical quality and a professional look.

This workshop is for people with no previous experience with LaTeX. Learn how to set up a document and its structure, table of contents, how to insert pictures, lists, tables, mathematical equations and cross references. We will also look at typical errors and how to avoid them. We use the online editor Overleaf to do the exercises, so make sure you register as a user and bring your computer to the workshop.  

Target audience: students at UiS who are writing a smaller paper like a home exam, semester paper or a work requirement.
Equipment: Your own laptop with a user in Overleaf
Participants: 15
Prior knowledge needed: Nothing
Duration: 90 minutes + 15 minutes break
Lecturer: The University Library

After the class you should know:

  • How to create, edit and compile a document in LaTeX
  • How to use commands
  • How to create a front page and a table of contents
  • How understand error messages and to fix them
  • How to use cross references
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