Sustainability workshop - LevelUp

Interested in sustainability? Are you a student entrepreneur that wants to know more about how to apply sustainability in your future projects or thesis? then you should join our sustainability workshop

The objectives of the Workshop about sustainability are:
  • Give you an outlook to maximize future opportunities
  • How to deal with the challenge of sustainability
  • Implementation of sustainability tools
  • Identify linkage to relevant sustainability standards and how to apply it in your project
  • Bringing sustainability in other industries in Stavanger
Jamila Mendoza is eager to facilitate the workshop as part of her specialization in Sustainability, Regional Green development and Energy transitions of Norway.

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12.00 Opening of the Sustainability Workshop
12.10 How to understand sustainability: applications and tools
13.00 Coffee Break
13.15 Group activity
13.30 Q & A
14.00 End of the Workshop

Limited seats due to COV
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LevelUp Sustainability workshop