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Karlsen, Bjørg { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Karlsen, Bjørg", "tel": "Telephone: +47 5183 4168", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
Department Faculty of Health Sciences
Room KA A-242

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Research areas

Present research activities and fields of interest:

Coping with diabetes, coping with chronic disease, motivation for diabetes self-management, psychosocial aspects of living with chronic disease, patient-centered counseling.

Selected publications

Selected publications:


Peer-reviewed publications:


Morken, I. M., Norekvål, T.M., Isaksen, K., Munk, P.S., Karlsen, B. &

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International conference proceedings

Karlsen, B., Oftedal, B. & Bru, E. (2009). Conflicts between personal self

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Other professional publications

Karlsen, B. (2004). Coping with diabetes. A study of factors influencing

psychological well-being and coping in adults with diabetes. Doctoral

thesis. Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care,

Section of Nursing Science, University of Bergen, Norway.


Karlsen, B. (2011).  Den individuelle veiledningssamtalen ? nøkkel til

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oppfølging og behandling. Oslo: Akribe Forlag. (In Norwegian).


Karlsen B. (2007). Gruppebasert veiledning for å fremme veiledning av

diabetes. I E. Gjengedal og B.  R. Hanestad (red.), Å leve med kronisk

sykdom. En varig kursendring (s. 315 ? 330). Oslo: Cappelen

Akademiske Forlag. (In Norwegian).


Current research

Previous experience in directing research:

2006 - 2014       Director of the research project, ?Motivation for self-regulation among adults with type 2 diabetes?. The project has received research grants from the Norwegian Diabetes Association.

Work experience

Present position: Associate Professor in Nursing Science