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Osmundsen, Petter { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Osmundsen, Petter", "tel": "Telephone: +47 5183 1568", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Safety, Economics and Planning
Room KE D-431

Courses taught

Research areas

Petroleum economics

Contract strategy

Tax analysis

Decision analysis

Market analysis

Regulation theory

Selected publications

Taxation of multinational companies

Olsen, T. og P. Osmundsen (2011), "Multinationals, tax competition and outside options", Journal of Public Economics 95, 1579-1588.

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Management theory and corporate finance

Osmundsen, P., K.H. Roll and R. Tveterås (2012), "Drilling speed - the relevance of experience", Energy Economics 34, 786-794. .

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Taxation and regulation of the petroleum industry

Osmundsen, P. (2010), ?Time Consistency in Petroleum Taxation ? Lessons from Norway?, in Daniel, P., Keen, M. and C. McPherson, eds., (2010), The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals: Principles, Problems and Practice, Routledge; The International Monetary Fund, April, 2010, ISBN: 978-0-41578-138-1; pg. 425-444.

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Osmundsen, P. (1996), "Repeated auctions of franchises for nonrenewable resources", Journal of Regulatory Economics, 10, 183-189.                            


Energy market analyses


Asche, F., Oglend, A. and P. Osmundsen, ?Gas versus oil prices. The impact of shale gas?, Energy Policy 47, august 2012, 117-124.

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Petroleum technology


Osmundsen, P. (2012), "Choice of Development Concept ? Platform or Subsea Solution? Implications for the Recovery Factor?, forthcoming in Oil & Gas Facilities (SPE).

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Osmundsen, P. (2009), ?Incentives for Drilling Contractors?, Exploration & Production, Oil & Gas Review 7, 1, 73-75.


Osmundsen, P., Aven, T. and J.E. Vinnem (2008), ?Safety, Economic Incentives and Insurance?, Reliability Engineering & System Safety 93, 1, 137-143.


Current research

Work experience

Professor of petroleum economics, University of Stavanger, from 2002

Adjunct position:  Professor, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Department of business and management science, 2010 -2012

1998  Assistant professor, University of Stavanger

1997  Assistant professor, NHH, Department of economics

1994  Researcher, Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (SNF / NHH)

1994 PhD dissertation, NHH,

Department of economics

1992-1993  Researcher, Massachusetts Institute

of Technology (MIT), Department of Economics

1989 Msc, NHH