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Frick, Jan { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Frick, Jan", "tel": "Telephone: +47 5183 1560", "email": "" }

Faculty UiS Business School
Department UiS Business School
Room EAL H-223
Priv. phone/mob +47-40553543

Company Boards

Tjørhomfjellet AS, Sirdal Alpint AS, Sirdalsferie AS, Stavanger Macintosh User Group, SMUG

Courses taught

Research areas

Operation Management, Entrepreneurship, Industrial applications of ICT, Project Management, Modeling System Dynamics

Selected publications

Acur, N., Boer, H., & Frick, J. (2005). Best manufacturing practices: what do the best-performing companies do International Journal of ?.

Brun, E., Acur, N., Boer, H., & Frick, J. (2003). How are the NPD practices in the highest performing companies In Proceedings of the ?. Presented at the Proceedings of the ?.

Frick, J. (2001). An emerging model for vocational training. Industry and Higher Education.

Gertsen, F., Hansen, P., & Frick, J. (2004). The trajectory of implementing ISO 9000 standards versus total quality management in Western Europe. International Journal of ?.

Gertsen, F., Sun, H., & Frick, J. (2003). The formalisation of manufacturing strategy and its influence on the relationship between competitive objectives, improvement goals, and action plans. International Journal of ?.

Hui, I., Tam, A., & Frick, J. (2000). Employee involvement and quality management. The TQM Magazine.

Current research

2010-13 Collaborative Nordic Living Lab :

Greenhouse Entrepreneurship in Russia project, 2006-2010 Knowledge Investment Strategies on Local Level, 6th Framework for research, 2006-2010 European Collaborative Innovation Centre, 2008-2012

http://min-novation-: Innovative methods for cleaning of waste from mining and petroleum, 2010-2014

FSS Mechatronic: development of study programs in Mechatronic, 2009-2011  APMS2011 conference site, september 2011 in Stavanger

(ITRACT) ? Improving transport and accessibility through new communication technologies. 2012-2014

Work experience

Statens vegvesen VA 1970-1975, Høivold Mek 1977, Flolo Electric Co, Ill.,USA, 1978, Tegle maskin as 1979,
SINTEF 1980-1983, 
Rogalandsforskning 1983-1988, Jærtek 1988, TESA as 1988-1991, Høgskolen i Stavanger/ Universitetet i Stavanger 1991-NÅ, Prof2 ved HSH 2008-2011,