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Ødegaard, Bernt Arne { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Ødegaard, Bernt Arne", "tel": "Telephone: +47 5183 3787", "email": "" }

Faculty UiS Business School
Department UiS Business School
Room EAL H-154

Courses taught

Research areas

Empirical Finance

Market Microstructure

Corporate Governance

Selected publications

Stock Market Liquidity and the Business Cycle. (with Randi Næs and Johannes Skjeltorp) Journal of Finance 2011.

The diversification cost of large, concentrated equity stakes. How big is it? Is it justified? Finance Research Letters, 6 (2009), 56-72.

Price differences between equity classes. Corporate Control, Foreign ownership or Liquidity? Journal of Banking and Finance, 31 (2007), 3621-3645.

Equity Trading by Institutional Investors. To Cross or Not to Cross (with Randi Næs). Journal of Financial Markets, 9 (2006) 79-99.

Estimating tax rates implied in prices of default free bonds (with Richard C Green). Journal of Finance, 1997.

Current research

  • Insider trading at the Oslo Stock Exchange (with B Espen Eckbo)
  • Why do firms pay for liquidity provision in limit order markets? (with Johannes Skjeltorp) Jan 2010.
  • The information content of market liquidity: An empirical analysis of liquidity at the Oslo Stock Exchange (with Johannes Skjeltorp) Nov 2009.
  • Liquidity and Asset Pricing: Evidence on the Role of Investor Holding Period (with Randi Næs). Nov 2009. Submitted to journal.
  • Investor Short-Termism and Firm Value (with Richard Priestley and Øyvind Bøhren). Aug 2009.
  • Who moves equity prices? Monthly evidence Feb 2009.

Work experience

Professor, University of Stavanger, 2008-

Adjunct Professor, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), 2010-

Researcher, Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway), 1997-

Associate Professor, Norwegian School of Management BI 1995-2008.

Assistant professor, University of British Columbia, 1994-95

Assistant professor, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1992-1994