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Assistant Professor
Bingham, Lisa Jean { "honorific-suffix": "Assistant Professor", "fn": "Bingham, Lisa Jean", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832284", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering
Room KE E-337
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2012 BPG 260

2012 BPG260 will include the following learning topics and skills:

  • field mapping
  • cross section construction
  • converting field map to digital map
  • GPS
  • basic understanding and use of geographic information systems
  • reading and understanding maps
  • reading and understanding scientific literature and able to present summary in class
  • writing scientific summary of work
  • GIS-based group project

Courses taught

Research areas

Mapping using geographic information software.
Applying GIS to petroleum exploration.
Combining spatial databases.

Selected publications

Bingham, L., R. Zurita-Milla, and A. Escalona, in press, GIS-based Fuzzy Logic for Petroleum Exploration: AAPG Bulletin.

Bingham, L., and A. Escalona, 2011, Creating a Unified Geologic Database: The Need for a Global Standard: First Break, v.29, p. 41-48.

Escalona, A., and L. Bingham, 2011, The Value Chain and Hydrocarbon Reserves, in M. Lien, ed., Introduction to Petroleum Geology: Høvik, Norway, Vett & Viten ELS, p. 254-264.

Bingham, L., and Escalona, A., 2010, Mapping Known 'Green' Energy Sources in Northern Europe, 29th Nordic Winter Conference, Oslo, Norway.

Bingham, L., Escalona, A., and Mann, P., 2007, Building an Integrated, Digital Database Using HTML and GIS Tools: A Case Study for the Northern South American Petroleum Province, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Annual Conference, Long Beach, California, AAPG.

Bingham, L., Escalona, A., Norton, I., and Mann, P., 2009, GIS-Based Hydrocarbon Resource Map of the Mexican Sector of the Gulf of Mexico, AAPG Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, AAPG.

Bingham, L., King, W. P., and Mann, P., 2007, GIS-Based Active Fault Map of the Caribbean Plate Margins, Geological Society of America annual meeting, Denver, CO, GSA.

Current research

Caribbean Basins, Tectonics and Hydrocarbons
Combining spatial geologic databases
Fuzzy logic for petroleum exploration in GIS

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Work experience

August 2009 - present
Research Scientist Assistant
Instructor for introductory GIS course
Universitet i Stavanger

September 2005-July 2009
Research  Scientist Associate
The University of Texas at Austin