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Associate Professor
Cardozo, Nestor { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Cardozo, Nestor", "tel": "Telephone: +47 5183 2391", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering
Room KE E-379
Priv. phone/mob 4062 9562
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Structural Geology (GEO 210)
Structural Styles and Basin Analysis (MPG160, with Willy Fjeldskaar)

Computer programs:

Courses taught

Research areas

Regional and reservoir scale structural geology
Basin analysis

Selected publications

Allmendinger, R. W., Cardozo, N., and Fisher, D.

2012. Structural Geology Algorithms: Vectors and Tensors. Cambridge University Press. 
Cardozo, N., Jackson, C.A. and Whipp, P. 2011. Determining the uniqueness of best-fit trishear models. Journal of Structural Geology 33, 1063-1078.
Cardozo, N. and Aanonsen, S.I. 2009. Optimized trishear inverse modeling. Journal of Structural Geology 31, 546-560. 
Cardozo, N. and Allmendinger, R.W. 2009. SSPX: A program to compute strain from displacement/velocity data. Computers and Geosciences 35, 1343-1357. 
Cardozo, N., Røe, Per, Soleng, H., Fredman, N. Tveranger, J. and Schueller, S. 2008. A methodology for efficiently populating faulted corner point grids with strain. Petroleum Geoscience 14, 205-216.
Cardozo, N. 2008. Trishear in 3D: Algorithms, implementation, and limitations. Journal of Structural Geology 30, 327-340.

Current research

- Mechanical and seismic modeling of faulting and folding
- Influence of fault related folding on reservoir properties
- Inverse modeling of fault related folding
- Flexural analysis of foreland basins

Work experience

- Research Associate, Cornell University (2002-2003)
- Postdoctoral fellow, NGI Oslo (2003-2004)
- Researcher, CIPR Bergen (2004-2008)
- Associate Professor, UiS, IPT (October 2008-present)