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Paul Stephens is Inaugural Professor of Social Pedagogy at the University of Stavanger, in Norway. He has written, either as solo, main or co-author, about 15 books/book chapters, the latest book being Social Pedagogy: Heart and Head (2013). As far as he knows, this is the first academic textbook of social pedagogy to be written in English in the world. Other academic publications in peer-reviewed journals include: studies on the evaluation of school bullying interventions, and cross national lesson drawing in social pedagogy. He is currently conducting research and also writing in the field of human rights and access to healthcare in Norway for undocumented migrants.


Social pedagogy: theory & practice

Social pedagogic values

Street social pedagogy and advocacy research with Roma beggars in Norway

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Curriculum Vitae Paul Anthony Stephens (d.o.b. 8 May 1951)


Current position (since January, 2007): Professor, Inaugural Chair of Social Pedagogy, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway.

e-mail:; telephone: +47-93831625; address: Breibakken 26, 4012 Stavanger, Norway


Selected publications

1. Books and book chapters

a) Pedagogy/social pedagogy/human rights law

- Paul Stephens and Tim Crawley (1994; 1996; revised 1997; revised 1998; 2000; 2002) Becoming an Effective Teacher (Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes)

- Paul Stephens (1996; revised 2001) Essential Mentoring Skills: a practical handbook for school-based teacher educators (Cheltenham, StanleyThornes)

- Paul Stephens (1995) Principled mentoring and competency-driven teacher education in an urban comprehensive school. In, Vivienne Griffiths and Pat Owen, editors, Schools in Partnership (London, Paul Chapman)

- Paul Stephens (2006) Å utvikle og å fremme barns prosiale atferd (in Norwegian) (Developing prosocial behaviour in childhood). In, Jan-Birger Johansen and Dion Sommer, editors, Oppdragelse, Danning og Sosialisering i Læringsmiljøer (in Norwegian) (Upbringing, Character Formation and Socialization in Educational Settings)

- Paul Stephens (2011) Social pedagogic values in the education of child welfare pedagogues in Norway. In, Jacob Kornbeck  and Niels Rosendal Jensen (Eds.) Social Pedagogy for the Entire Lifespan, Volume I, pp.177-195. Bremen: Europäischer Hochschulverlag.         

-Paul Stephens (2012) Social pedagogic practice: exploring the core. In J. Kornbeck & N. Rosendal Jensen (Eds.) Social Pedagogy for the Entire Lifespan. Volume XVIII, pp. 201-226). Bremen: Europaischer Hochschulverlag.

-Paul Stephens (2013) Social Pedagogy: Heart & Head. Bremen: Europaischer Hochschulverlag GmbH & Co.

-Henriette Aasen Sinding; Alice Kjellevold; & Paul Stephens (2014)
Undocumented migrants`access to health care services in Europe : tensions between international human rights, national law and professional ethics (pp. 162-182). I: Juridification and social citizenship in the welfare state. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

b) Curriculum development (sociology, social policy, and health and social care)

- Paul Stephens, Andy Leach, Laura Taggart and Hilary Jones (1998) Think Sociology (Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes)

- Paul Stephens (1998) Think Sociology: Teacher Support Pack (Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes)

- Andy Leach, Paul Stephens and Hilary Jones (programme advisors) (1996) Think Sociology: Voices (Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes). This is a video edited by Laura Taggart, and produced by Leeds University Television

- Mark Walsh, Paul Stephens (main writer on basis of word count) and Stephen Moore (2000) Social Policy and Welfare (Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes)

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- Alison Thomson, Marilyn Billingham, Mary Crittenden and Paul Stephens (2006) Health & Social Care A2: Resource Pack (London, HarperCollins)


2. Articles in peer-reviewed, international journals

- Paul Stephens (1997) Student teachers' concerns and accomplishments on main school placements: what school mentors can learn from them, pp 56-66. Mentoring & Tutoring, Volume 5, Number 1

- Ian Davies, George Gray & Paul Stephens (1998) Education for Citizenship: a case study of 'Democracy Day' at a comprehensive school, Educational Review, pp 15-27, Volume 50, Number 1

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- Paul Stephens (2011) Preventing and confronting school bullying: a comparative study of two national programmes in Norway, pp. 381-404, British Educational Research Journal, volume 37, Number 3

- Chris Kyriacou, Elias Avramidis, Paul Stephens & Tobias Werler (2011) Social pedagogy in schools: student teacher attitudes in England and Norway. International Journal of Inclusive Education, DOI: 10.1080/13603116.2011.629689


 Current research

Foundational and contemporary theory in social pedagogy 

School bullying in Greece, Norway & UK: comparative statistical research  

Social professions in Norway                  

The oxymoron of psycho-somatic medicine


Pågående forskning

Street social pedagogy with Roma beggars


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