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Aly Anis Hamouda { "honorific-suffix": "Pensjonistavlønning", "fn": "Aly Anis Hamouda", "tel": "Telefon: 51832271", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Institutt for energi- og petroleumsteknologi
Rom KE E-394


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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

  • Zare, Alireza; Hamouda, Aly Anis (2015). An Approach for Steam Propagation and Production Performance in SAGD and Solvent SAGD: Lab Experiment and Simulation. Society of Petroleum Engineers. ISBN 978-1-61399-422-1. 19 s.
  • Petrovich, R.; Hamouda, Aly A. (1996). Dissolution, Precipitation, and Replacement in the Ekofisk Reservoir Chalk Caused by Seawater Flooding as a Cause of Anomalous Compaction Near the Tight Zone 8. 49 s.
  • Hamouda, Aly Anis; Valderhaug, O.M.; Munaev, R.; Stangeland, H. (2014). Possible mechanisms for oil recovery from chalk and sandstone rocks by low salinity water (LSW). SPE; 2014-04-12 - 2014-04-16.
  • Choiri, A.; Hamouda, Aly Anis (2011). Enhanced oil recovery by CO2 flooding effect on asphaltene stability envelope and compositional simulation of asphaltenic oil reservoir, SPE 141329. 2011-04-11 - 2011-04-13.
  • Majoni, A.; Hamouda, Aly Anis (2011). Effect of Gas Lift Gas Composition on Production Stability/Instability by Dynamic and Steady State Simulation for Continues Gas Lift Injection Mode SPE 147766. 2011-09-20 - 2011-09-22.
  • Romanov, Alexander; Hamouda, Aly Anis (2011). Heavy Oil Recovery by Steam Injection, Mappingof Temperature Distribution in Light of Heat Transfer Mechanisms. 2011-09-20 - 2011-09-22.
  • Hamouda, Aly; Karoussi, Omid (2008). The effect of temperature, wettability and relative permeability on oil recovery of oil-wet chalk.
  • Hamouda, Aly; Evensen, F.S. (2005). Possible Mechanism of the Drag Reduction Phenomenon inLight of the Associated Heat Transfer Reduction. 2005-02-02.
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  • Rezaei Gomari, K.A; Hamouda, Aly; Davidian, T.; Fragland, D.A. (2004). Study of the Effect of Acidic Species on Wettability Alteration of Calcite Surface by Measuring Partitioning Coefficients IFT and Contact Angles. 2004-06-01 - 2004-06-03.
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  • Hamouda, Aly A.; Davidsen, S. (1998). An Approach for simulation of Paraffin Deposition in Pipelines as a Function of Flow Characteristics with a Reference to Teesside Oil Pipeline 8.
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