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Ellen Ramvi { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Ellen Ramvi", "tel": "Telefon: 51834179", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Avdeling for omsorg og etikk
Rom KA A-276
Tlf priv/mob 93271515

I have been Head of the Professional Relations in Welfare Professions research group at the University of Stavanger since 2007.

My main research interests involve emotional and relational aspects of professional work. This includes research on professional development, professional identity and self-understanding in relational work, as well as research on emotional, relational and societal conditions for care and ethics. My particular contribution to the research field has been to introduce a psycho-social perspective on care, ethics and relational work ? a novel approach in the Norwegian context.

My current research interests relate to several projects on health professionals? personal and existential experiences of being confronted with death at work. One of these, is a work package in a project financed by the Research Council of Norway, on multicultural healthcare staff and their experiences of working with dying nursing homes residents in Norway. Since 2013, I have contributed to a methodology project - developing the Visual Matrix as a new psycho-social approach to investigating aspects of experience that may be difficult to articulate discursively, working alongside British and Scandinavian colleagues. 

I am a member of Network for Gender Research at the University of Stavanger, and the Nordic network Death: Emotions, Relations & Constructions (DERC). I am a founding member of the Association for Psychosocial Studies (APS), and a member of International Society for the Psychoanalytical Study of Organizations (ISPSO),  a member (and for one period a member of the Executive Committee) of the International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis, a member of the Research Group Foundations, Phenomena and Conditions of Care (Omsorgens grunnlag, fenomener og vilkår, Senter for omsorgsforskning, Vest-Norge), and a member of The Norwegian Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents (Norsk forening for psykoanalytisk psykoterapi med barn og ungdom, Nfppbu).


My research areas relate to: relationship based work, professional development, care, ethics of care, empathy, death, gender, psycho-social research, health promotion strategies, organisational culture, psychosocial health, qualitative methods, reflexive practice.

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Pågående forskning

Resent research projects:

Communication of death in nursing homes: a multi-cultural and multi-religious setting. (Project manager). Part of Multicultural workforce in Nursing Homes: Contemporary challenges, opportunities and potentials for the future in the Norwegian municipal care sector (MULTICARE). Funded by the Research Council of Norway (2016-2019)

En etnografisk feltstudie av hvordan helsepersonell i multikulturelle arbeidsfellesskap håndterer møtet med døden (2016-2019). Funded by the Research Council of Norway (PhD supervisor)

Normality in Kindergarten,  employee?s and children's experience and expectations to ?being normal? Funded by University of Stavanger, Norway (PhD supervisor)

Coordinating Return-to-Work (RTW) processes (2014-2017).Funded by Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway (PhD supervisor)

Relational experiences in encounter with dying patients and next of kin. A focus-group intervention (2015-2016). (Project manager)

Death at Work: An interpretation of biographical narratives of professionals in End of life care (2012-2016) Funded by University of Stavanger (PhD supervisor)

Exploring Life Transitions in Old age through Visual Matrix (2014-2015). Funded by Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOS-HS) (Project manager)

Professional identity and self-understanding in relational work (2011-2014) (Project manager)

The Road to a Work Life. Managers' experience with the inclusion of young adults with mental health problems (2012- 2013). Funded by Labour and Welfare Directorate FARVE. (Project manager)

Work and Mental Health (2010-2011). Funded by NAV Rogaland. (Project manager)



2017-current  Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger

2011-2013    Post Doctor Fellow in Professional relations in Welfare Professions, Department of Health Studies, University of Stavanger(UiS). (2 years)

2006-2017    Associate Professor, Department of Health Studies, University of Stavanger, Norway

2001-2006     PhD Fellow, Centre for Behavioural Research, University of Stavanger, Norway

1997-2001     Research Scientist, Department of Working Life and Business Development, Rogaland Research (RF) - (today IRIS), Norway

1996-1997  Project Manager, Rogaland A-senter, Stavanger, Norway

1982-1996   Various works as a nurse, mental health nurse and head nurse


2012      Visiting Research Fellow at University of Central Lancashire, The Psychosocial Research Unit. (six weeks)

2008-2009   Post Doctor Fellow at McGill University, Canada. Canadian Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. (12 months)

2007       Visiting Research Fellow at University of Central Lancashire, The Psychosocial Research Unit. (two weeks)


2007                Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities: 03.05.2007. Graduate School in Lifelong Learning, Roskilde University, Denmark

1996                Master of Science (MSc) in Special Education, Faculty of Teacher Education, Stavanger University College, Norway

1994            Advanced (part 2) Special Education studies, Faculty of Teacher Education, Stavanger University College, Norway.

1992                Advanced Education in Child Welfare, School of Social Work, Stavanger University College, Norway

1990                Human Resources Management, Faculty of Social Sciences, Stavanger University College, Norway

1986                Advanced Education in Mental Health Nursing,   Stavanger College of Nursing, Norway

1982                 Registered Nurse, Stavanger College of Nursing, Norway


Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

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  • Moen, Kjetil; Ramvi, Ellen (veileder); Froggett, Lynn (veileder) (2016). Death at Work. An interpretation of biographical narratives of professionals in end of life care. Universitetet i Stavanger. ISBN 978-82-7644-663-0. 473 s.
  • Ramvi, Ellen; Skarpaas, Lisebet Skeie; Løvereide, Lise (2013). Veien inn i arbeidslivet.Lederes erfaring med inkludering av unge voksne med psykiske helseplager. Universitetet i Stavanger. ISBN 978-82-7644-529-9. 55 s.
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