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Avdeling/enhet Fakultet for utdanningsvitenskap og humaniora
Institutt/senter Institutt for kultur- og språkvitenskap
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Rebecca Charboneau Stuvland?s current research interests include reading development and instruction in young EFL learners, use of digital technology in teaching in teacher education, Lesson study in teacher education for pre-service and in-service teachers, interlanguage pragmatic development in young EFL learners, and pragmatics instruction in EFL contexts. Although varying interests, these all converge with a focus on developing knowledge about young language learners and about teaching methods which can support language development. Language development and communication are important in the development of democracy and citizenship.

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Pågående forskning

Films in foreign language teacher education - (2017-present)

I received a grant to conduct research on use of videos created of classroom language instruction in Norwegian primary schools to support the students in partial distance courses in teacher education at the University of Stavanger. This project looks into ways to create interactive teaching opportunities outside of class time using films to illustrate teaching concepts and methods. The films were developed in collaboration with a local primary school and Nettop at the University of Stavanger showing English teaching sessions in grades 1-3 and 7.


EFL pragmatics with young learners - January 2018-present

The project aims to explore the development of requests and apologies in Norwegian primary school EFL learners through a cross-sectional study of 3rd, 5th and 7th graders. It focuses on the learners? metapragmatic awareness of English requestive and apology behaviour, as well as the pragmalinguistic features of learner apologies. An equally important aim is to investigate the effectiveness of participatory data collection techniques and the tableaux as methods to elicit (meta)pragmatic data from young EFL learners.


 Lesson study - 2011- present

Lesson study is a classroom-based research method used in our teacher education courses at UiS. My current research on Lesson study aims to discover more about teachers? reflections through their discussions following the teaching of the lesson study lesson (kenkyuu kyougikai), and whether the teachers? ability to notice and reflect changed depending on the format required for the recording of these discussions (audio logs versus written reflections). Additionally, research questions look at their experience with audio logs and feedback to these audio logs to help them progress in their lesson study cycle. 


Teacher planning and research - 2019

This project will identify how student teachers? develop capacity for planning as professional learning in teacher education and when entering the profession as newly qualified teachers. It seeks to find out how teacher educators on campus teach planning across subjects, what student teachers learn about planning and how are their capacities for planning developed, and what happens when student teachers transfer into schools as newly qualified teachers, namely how is their capacity to plan for learning influenced by school practices.

English reading in primary school  -  

My doctoral study was on the use of different reading approaches to English in grades 4 and 5. It focused on different materials, teaching practices, and teachers? perceptions of reading instruction. There is a need for more focus on reading skills, purpose of reading, and strategies within EFL reading instruction. This includes helping raise students? and teachers? awareness of transferring reading skills from Norwegian to English. Based on my doctoral research, the focus on transfer of reading skills will be the focus of new research from 2019.


Associate professor, Kompetanse for kvalitet, English 1 and English 2 - University of Stavanger                                                      August 2016?present

University lecturer; Kompetanse for kvalitet, English 1 and English 2 - University of Stavanger                                           September 2012?July 2016

Part-time University lecturer - The Norwegian Reading Centre; University of Stavanger                                    January 2013?December 2014

Doctorate Research Fellow - University of Stavanger      September 2009?September 2016

Research networks and programs

Democracy and Citizenship, UiS           January 2019 - present

Utvikle Undervisningspraksis, UiS   January 2019 - present

Læreres profesjonsutvikling, UiS January 2016 - December 2018

Lærernes Undervisningskunnskap (LUK), UiS                           Autumn 2011-2015

Young Language Learners Research Network                           Autumn 2009- present

-        Coordinator and leadership committee

TASS (Teachers as Students) research project - University of Stavanger           January 2012 - October 2015

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

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