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Avdeling/enhet Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Institutt for energi- og petroleumsteknologi
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Applied and Computational Mathematics

Main focus is on the study of partial differential equations (PDEs) that can be used to represent various dynamic phenomena, i.e. processes that involve changes in space and time.

Central classes are:

  • multiphase flow models
  • transport-reaction models

More specific reserach directions:

  • development of mathematical models and comparison with experimental behavior
  • development of suitable discrete versions of various PDEs
  • mathematical analysis (existence, uniqueness, asymptotic behavior)  

More specific applications of these models:

  • chalk weakening effects
  • brine-dependent oil recovery (chalk and sandstone)
  • well and pipe flow
  • coupled well-reservoir flow

Utvalgte publikasjoner

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