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Birgitta Haga Gripsrud { "honorific-suffix": "Postdoktor", "fn": "Birgitta Haga Gripsrud", "tel": "", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Avdeling for omsorg og etikk
My main research interests are in critical, creative and psychosocial approaches to cultures and experiences of embodiment, health, illness, ageing and death. Another interest is conditions for professional relational work and ways to encourage reflective practice for professionals. In my work I aim to bridge across the disciplinary divides between humanities, social and healthcare sciences.

My PhD thesis (2006) concerned a textual mapping and archiving of the breast as a cultural and psychoanalytical theoretical trope. Since then, my doctoral research fed into the design of a longitudinal study on American and Norwegian women´s embodied experiences of breast cancer, loss of breast and reconstruction including an intervention with expressive writing as a means to work through traumatic aspects of this illness (2012-2015). For this study, I also designed a creative writing intervention for women with breast cancer, The Breast Biography (further utilised as a generative device in the planning stages of the arts project, see below). In 2016, my PhD thesis became the inspiration for an arts collaboration project, aiming to articulate tacit dimensions of breasted experience through visual art, writing and music - a Songbook of the Breast.

Since 2013, I have been participating in a methodology project on developing the Visual Matrix as a new psychosocial approach to investigating aspects of experience that may be difficult to articulate discursively, working alongside British and Scandinavian colleagues.

A recent strand of research involves critical examination of conditions for professional-relational work (2016-). My research on professional relations includes developing a depth-hermeneutic group-based approach to inspire and assist teachers' reflective work, supervision of a PhD-candidate in a study on death and dying in the multi-culturally staffed care home, as well as my own post-doctoral project on conditions for care in the fast-track breast cancer trajectory.

I'm a member of the Professional Relations in Welfare Professions research group and Network for Gender Research at the University of Stavanger, a founding member of the Association for Psychosocial Studies, Stavanger Breast Cancer Research Group at Stavanger University Hospital, Death: Emotions, Relations & Constructions (DERC), and a member of the Executive Committee in the International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis.



Psychosocial Studies

The breast and breast cancer

Illness experience & illness in culture

Professional relations in health care

Qualitative methods

Psychoanalytic history and theories

Medical Humanities

Cultural Studies

Critical and post-structuralist theory

Feminist and gender theory

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Birgitta, Haga Gripsrud, Karsten Mellon & Ellen Ramvi. Depth-hermeneutics: A psychosocial approach to facilitate reflective practice for teachers? Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives. In press.

Birgitta Haga Gripsrud, Ellen Ramvi, Lynn Froggett, Ingvil Hellstrand, & Julian Manley. Psychosocial and symbolic dimensions of the breast explored through a Visual Matrix. NORA: Nordic Journal of Gender and Feminist Research. In press. DOI:10.1080/08038740.2018.1482958

Birgitta Haga Gripsrud, Ellen Ramvi & Kari Vevatne. Couldn?t care less? The integrated breast cancer pathway as a case for nursing ethics. (forthcoming)

Pågående forskning

2018-current  Death: Emotions, Relations, Constructions. Anthology project. Principal Investigators/editors: Associate Professor Lisbeth Thoresen (University of Oslo) & Postdoctoral Fellow Birgitta Haga Gripsrud (University of Stavanger)

2017-current   One More Time with Feeling: Interdisciplinary approaches to Death, Catastrophic Loss and Mourning. Anthology project. Principal Investigators/editors:  Associate Professor Nora Simonhjell (University of Agder), Post-doctoral Fellow Birgitta Haga Gripsrud (University of Stavanger).

2017-current   Multicultural Workforce in Nursing Homes: Contemporary Challenges, Opportunities and Potentials for the Future in the Norwegian Municipal Care Sector (MULTICARE). Project Leader: Professor Frode Jacobsen, Centre for Care Research, Bergen University College, Norway. Research project financed by the Research Council of Norway (HELSEVEL). Role: PhD co-supervisor for Anne Kristine Ådland in Work Package 4 on Communication of Death in Nursing Homes: A Multi-cultural and Multi-religious setting. Work package manager: Professor Ellen Ramvi (University of Stavanger).

2016-current   Gendering Cancer. Role: Collaborating researcher. Principal Investigators: Associate Professor Kari Nyheim Solbrække (University of Oslo) and Dr Seán Williams (University of Sheffield).

2016-current   QUALITECH - Gender, Care and Welfare Technology. Research proposal to the Research Council of Norway. Role: Co-applicant. Research groups for Professional Relations in Welfare Professions and Network for Gender Research (University of Stavanger).

2016-current   Professional Relationships in the Breast Cancer Trajectory. Post-doc project. Principal Investigator: Post-doctoral fellow Birgitta Haga Gripsrud. Collaborating researcher: Professor Ellen Ramvi (University of Stavanger), Research group for Professional Relations in Welfare Professions (University of Stavanger).

2016-current  Songbook of breast. Performing arts collaboration with Song Circus ensemble. Role: Collaborating researcher/advisor. Partners: Liv Runesdatter (Norway), Laura Bowler and Lavinia Murray (UK).

2014-2016      Exploring life transitions in old age through a Visual Matrix. Method development project. Role: Collaborating researcher. Nordic workshops funded by NOS-HS. Partners: University of Roskilde, Denmark & University of Central Lancashire, UK. Principal Investigator: Professor Ellen Ramvi (University of Stavanger)

2014-2016   Diversifying Cancer Survivorship - Diversifying Cancer Cultures (CANCUL). Role: Collaborating researcher. Principal Investigators: Professors Hilde Bondevik & Kari Nyheim Solbrække (University of Oslo).

2014-2016   Medicalisation in Nordic Countries: Discourses, Practices, Identities. Anthology project. Role: Collaborating researcher. Principal Investigators: Professors Hilde Bondevik, Ole-Jacob Madsen, Kari Nyheim Solbrække (University of Oslo).

2013-2014      Psychosocial and symbolic dimensions of the breast and breast cancer explored through a Visual Matrix. Exploratory study to develop a new qualitative methodology. Research group: Professor Ellen Ramvi, Professor Lynn Froggett, Dr Julian Manley, Dr Ingvil Hellstrand, & Dr Birgitta Haga Gripsrud.

2012-2015      I am not the same: Women's Experiences of Breast Cancer, Loss of Breast and Reconstruction in Psychosocial and Cultural Contexts. Principal Investigator: Post-doctoral Fellow Birgitta Haga Gripsrud (Stavanger University Hospital).


2016-current: Postdoctoral Fellow. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway

2012-2015: Postdoctoral Fellow. Department of Research, Stavanger University Hospital, Norway.

2011-2013: Lecturer, Module leader/Guest Lecturer. Part-time. Network for Gender Research, University of Stavanger, Norway.

2011-2012: Lecturer. Academic writing course for Master students. Network for Gender Studies, Institute for Media, Cultural- and Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stavanger, Norway. MA-level.

2009-2012:  Lecturer. St Svithun videregående skole. Stavanger, Norway.

2008-2014: Teacher/Project leader Creative Writing. Stavanger kulturskole, Norway.

2008- Freelance writer, dance reviewer and translator.

2006-2007: Lecturer, Supervisor final year BA dissertations. School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, UK

2006: Lecturer. Leeds College of Music, UK. BA-level.

2003-2006: Teaching Assistant. School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds, UK. BA level.


: Doctoral Fellow. School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies. The University of Leeds. UK

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

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