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An Associate Professor at the University of Stavanger (PhD holder), founder of Hagit Yakira Dance Company, with over 12 years? experience choreographing and 20 years? experience teaching and performing dance in the UK, EU, Scandinavia and Israel. Informed by a Dance Movement Therapy background.


Award Winning Israeli choreographer Hagit Yakira founded Hagit Yakira Dance Company in 2007 and has since gone on to tour the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Israel. To date, she has created eight works for her company amongst many other commissioned works for companies and institutions. Awards that Hagit has won include First Prize for Oh Baby (Kajaani Choreography Competition, Finland 2009) and Second Prize forSomewhere between a self and another (Burgos New York Choreography Competition, Spain 2007). Hagit has a PhD from City University - Trinity Laban and she is a qualified Dance Movement Therapist. Hagit creates work whereby human experiences, movement and dance are uniquely and poetically interwoven into an individual interpretation of relationships and emotions through dance and performance. 


Hagit Yakira Dance connects people through subtle and striking dance. With emotion at its core and a sophisticated movement style, the work resonates intimately with audiences. In 2007 Hagit started a dance company dedicated to open, relevant and relatable work informed by her background in Dance Movement Therapy.  Hagit leads her company with infectious energy, enthusiasm and a genuine interest in her collaborators? own artistic voices. The company today is a collective of artists, collaborators, professional and non-professional dancers simply sharing her vision and an appreciation for dance as a down-to-earth medium for expression and connection. Audiences engage with the work because of its empathic nature that draws out the feelings and emotion in the dancers that are identifiable to all. 


Dance and Choreography, Improvisation, Dance Education, Dance and the Community, Participatory Work, Site Generic and Site Specific, and Dance Movement Therapy

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Choreographer/Founder of Hagit Yakira dance:

If One Keeps Walking, current, Commissioned by Sadler?s Wells, Trinity Laban, University of Stavanger, Tou Scene, RAS. With the support of Arts Council England & Norway Arts Council.


Free Falling, 2016,  current - Commissioned by Sadler?s Wells, Dance4 & Trinity Laban. With the support of Art Council England & Spin Arts.


Air Hunger, the Respond Project, 2014, current - Commissioned by Respond Project, Yorkshire Dance Leeds, the University of Leeds, Breakfast Creative and Liz Lerman after winning an international competition. Touring nationally and internationally for last 2 years.


?in the middle with you,  2013-2015,  A production co-commissioned by the Greenwich Dance and Trinity-Laban Partnership; it is supported by Arts Council England, Spin Arts and Independent Dance.  Touring nationally and internationally. The piece was featured in British Dance Edition 2014.


Sunday Morning, 2011-2012 - Supported by Arts Council England, commissioned by Laban Theatre, London and supported by The Place, London and Dancebase, Edinburgh. Touring nationally.


2B, 2009-2010 was created as part of the 'Choreodrome'- The Place, touring nationally and internationally. 


Oh Baby, 2008 ? 2010 This piece won the first prize in the Kajaani International Dance Competition, Finland, touring nationally and internationally.


Somewhere between a self and an other, 2006 ? 2008 this piece won the second prize in Burgos-New York competition, Spain.


Performance projects and guest choreographer: to name a few

Witkacy Theatre Zakopane Poland, University of Stavanger Norway, Centro Opus Ballet Italy, Transition Dance Company UK, Edge Dance Company UK, London Contemporary Dance School, MAP Dance Company  UK, YDance Scotland, på tå hev 2016, rogalandsgruppa Norway, Northern School of Contemporary Dance UK,

Candoco Dance Company UK, Scottish Dance Theatre Company, Bikurie Haetim Israel, TanzCompagnie Giessen, Germany, Big Dance UK, The Place Prize ?Bloomberg project? and many more.


Community Projects:

Air Hunger- community project ? 2014 - Commissioned by The Place , Collaboration between 60 non-professional dancers, a composer ? live music and a lighting designer, London dates


On Falling and Recovering ? 2016 - Supported by Laban Theatre, Trinity Laban, Tripspace Projects & Spin Art, Collaboration between 25 non-professional dancers, a composer, a singer ? live music, a costume designer and a lighting designer, London dates


Pågående forskning

If One Keeps Walking 2018-2021

- Is the latest work by Hagit Yakira dance. It?s a site-responsive, experiential performance event that sees a cast of five exceptional professional dancers and a vocalist performing alongside a participatory cast of up to 50 people of all ages and abilities, drawn from the local community. We will perform the work at Stavanger Arts Museum 19 and 21 September 2020 and at the Oslo Opera House 19 and 20 October 2020 as part of Coda International Dance Festival. The work is a collaboration between different partners in the UK and Norway, to name a few: Sadler?s Wells, South East Dance, Laban Theatre, UiS, Stavanger Kommune, RAS, Stavanger Arts Museum and Coda International Dance Festival Oslo.


If One Keeps Walking will be a crafted choreography which will target an audience who is interested in dance and choreography. As well as interested in the combination of nature and art, or else is fascinated by how a philosophical, psychological and human concept can be danced, performed and create a sense of belonging. The community aspect of it is in order to deliver the subject matter most accurately and artistically. The participants from the community will enable to create an atmosphere and an environment which the professional performers can then develop into a moving, sophisticated and extremely physical and crafted choreography.


If Once Keeps Walking will be an interactive promenade that connect performers and the audience through the act of walking and dancing. Stretching the boundaries between the performers and the audience as well as between the everyday action of walking and the artistry of dancing. It will work through the many different aspects of traveling, slowing down and speeding up, stopping, connecting, interacting and watching. It will be a sophistication of one simple action ? walking - in a minimal way. And through this minimalist approach a richness in emotion and motion will be able to appeared. 

Ethica - 2019

initiates a research project combining the fields of music, dance, visual arts, philosophy and science. The project will integrate these fields to understand how recent theories of emergence, reason and the mind can be approached from creative, metaphysical and scientific standpoints and how these topics can be understood from various research perspectives. The current project will integrate artistic research into the study programs of the Grieg Academy and University of Stavanger, thereby seeking to strengthen collaboration and interaction between teachers, students and institutions as well as across disciplines and genres.


Employment, teaching, and guest choreographer, essential only


Hagit Yakira has developed a unique style, creative process and approach to dance. Combining her skills and expertise as a dance movement therapist with her philosophical approaches to dance, performance and education, Hagit encourages a passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing. In her method she integrates improvisation, a number of Dance Movement Therapy principles, contact work, release technique, Yoga and Authentic Movement. Hagit aims to develop creativity and virtuosity, as well as physical and mental awareness. She invites participants to be spontaneous and daring, precise and clear.

Areas of teaching: release technique, improvisation, contact improvisation, choreography, creative work, artistic research, repertoire


Present post

  • Artistic Director Hagit Yakira Dance
  • University of Stavanger, Norway

Guest teacher / choreographer - present

  • The Place / London Contemporary Dance School, UK
  • Trinity Laban, UK
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK
  • Wingate College for Higher Education, Israel

Employed ? past ? the last eight years

  • Trinity Laban, UK
  • Birkbeck University, UK
  • The Place, London, UK
  • Israeli Dance Institution, UK

Free Lance Internationally ? in the last seven years - Essentials Only

  • Europe & Scandinavia: ImpulsTanz Vienna Austria, Devil Dance Festival Hungary, TanzCompagnie Giessen Germany, workshops in Sweden, Spain, Italy, Finland, Poland, Norway
  • UK: The Place, Greenwich Dance, Candoco Dance Company, Scottish Dance Theatre, Laban Summer school, Independent Dance London, ID Graduate Lab London, Tripspace, Dansebase Edinburgh; Dance house Glasgow; University of Hertfordshire; York University; Yorkshire Dance, Bath Dance, Roehampton University, Dance Exchange, Edge Hill University,
  • Israel: Seminar Hakibuzim, Jerusalem Academy, Mahol Shalem, Bikurie Haetim, Hangar Adama, Wingate Collage, Beit Zvi Acting School, Talma Yalin           

  • First Prize in the Kajaani International Dance Competition 
  • Second Prize in the Burgos New York Choreography Competition  new dance trend category 
  • First prize in an international online competition ? The Respond Project ? Air Hunger, UK
  • Commission by the Respond Project, UK
  • Commission by Yorkshire Dance Leeds, UK
  • Commission by the University of Leeds, UK
  • Commission by Breakfast Creative and Liz Lerman, UK & USA
  • Commission by Dance4 Nottingham, UK  
  • Commission by Greenwich Dance and Trinity-Laban partnerships, UK
  • Commission by Sadler?s Wells, UK


    • 2016 - Wild Card ? Sadler?s Wells, UK ? inviting top dance artists from around the UK and Europe to react to Free Falling?s performance for two evenings
    • 2006, 2007, 2008 ? Soft Cuts ? Blue Elephant Theatre, UK ? curating with Maria Korsnes dance performances for emerging dance artists and performance artists from London.
    • 2010 ? Soft Cuts ? The Other, UK ? curating with Maria Korsnes an art event for emerging artists from different art forms
    • 2007, 2008, 2011 ? An Evening of Dance ? Quay Arts, UK - curating with Yonat Bitler dance performances for emerging dance artists from the Isle of White and greater London, UK




    • DanseIs Stavanger, Norway
    • Bikurei Haetim, Israel
    • Birkbeck University, UK




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