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Espen Olsen { "honorific-suffix": "Avdelingsleder", "fn": "Espen Olsen", "tel": "Telefon: 51831678", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Handelshøgskolen ved UiS
Institutt/senter Avd. for innovasjon, led. og mark.føring
Rom EOJ SV-217
Tlf priv/mob 92238537

Espen Olsen is Professor of organisation and leadership and Head of Department of innovation, leadership and marketing at UiS Business School. 

His research interests is within job characteristics, culture and climate, occupational health and safety, work motivation, organisational development and change, management of innovation and leadership. 

Prior to re-entering academia, he has former work life and industrial experience in different roles, e.g. as an organisational change advisor in a global company using multiple forms of change methodologies and tools, as well as a corporate director with broad responsibilities within a larger corporate context. 

He has experience from using case studies and qualitative methods, but has lately focused more on using multivariate quantitative research (e.g. structural equation modeling) in studies of organisations. 

He has published articles in Safety Science, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Accident Analysis & Prevention, Journal of Advanced Nursing, Journal of Risk Research, BMJ Quality & Safety, Leadership in Health Services, BMC Health Services Research and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

His teaching interests include "industrial and organisational psychology", "environment, health and safety management" and "research methodology". 

Currently Professor II at the Institute of worklife and innovation at UiA Business School. 


With Øyvind Dahl and Prof. Torbjørn Rundmo: 

The impact of business leaders' formal health and safety training on the establishment of robust occupational safety and health management systems: Three studies based on data from labour inspections

With Prof. Aslaug Mikkelsen:

The role of managers and leaders in basic need satisfaction: Key factors explaining job performance and medical uncertainty among nurses and physicians

With Prof. Randi Wågø Aas et al.:

Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Research on the association between leadership and Return-To-Work

With Gunhild Bjaalid et al.:

A case study of organisational interventions preventing and reducing bullying during a 10 year period. 


Main supervisor:

PhD-candidate Seth. A. J. Addo: Hospital management, consumer experiences and satisfaction: Examination of measures, mechanisms and relations over time.


With Prof. Aslaug Mikkelsen. PhD-candidate Guro H. Haaland: 

Career studies among nurses.


With Prof. Tatiana A. Lakovleva. PhD-candidate Marjan Shamsi:

Factors affecting employees' work behaviors in the age of digitalization: The role of psychological safety climate and digital technology acceptance.



Job characteristics and job performance

Organisational culture and climate

Occupational health and safety 

Work motivation 

Management and leadership

Training and organisational development

Management of innovation

Utvalgte publikasjoner

Bjaalid, G., Olsen, E., Melberg, K., Mikkelsen, A. (2019). Institutional stress and job performance among hospital employees. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 28, 365-382.  

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Peer reviewed contributions in books and anthologies

Olsen, E, Jensen, M. T, Bjaalid, G.,& Mikkelsen, A. (2019). Coping resources and outcomes in the process of bullying: A study in a Norwegian healthcare setting. In R. Burke and A. M.  Richardsen (eds), Increasing occupational health and safety in workplaces: Research and practice (pp. 115-136). MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing. 

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Doctoral thesis

Olsen, E. (2009). Safety climate and safety culture in health care and the petroleum industry: psychometric quality, longitudinal change, and structural models. PhD theses: Number 74. University of Stavanger, Norway. 

Pågående forskning


Jan 2019 - : Professor and head of Department of innovation, leadership and marketing, UiS Business School

Dec 2018 - : Professor II at Department of Working Life and Innovation, UiA

Feb 2016 - Dec 2018: Postdoctor at SHARE, Faculty of Health, UiS

May 2013 - Feb 2016: Corporate Director of Organization and staffs, Apply TB

Oct 2009 - May 2013: Advisor, Change management, Statoil

Apr 2006 - Apr 2009: PhD-student, UiS

Apr 2005 - Apr 2006: Lectures at master level, Research projects, UiS

Apr 2002 - Apr 2005: Research Scientist, work life research. Rogaland Research / IRIS

Aug 2000 - Mar 2002: SPSS supervisor (part time), NTNU

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

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