PROFRES foreløpig samlet program 10.-13. oktober 2016

Monday 10 October 2016 12:00-16:00
PROFRES workshop (for PhD Candidates and supervisors)
Theme: Person-centered science and research
University College of Southeast Norway (USN), Campus Drammen

Room: S6207

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • to stimulate reflection and knowledge development related to the concept of person and person-centredness in relation to own project

  • to stimulate networking and debate on possible research collaboration regarding person-centredness etc.

  • to share ideas, research results, research questions, methodological issuesfocused on person-centredness

We will work in groups where each PhD Candidate is given the opportunity to reflect on the concept of person-centredness and contribution to their own doctoral project, together with researchers working on the theme person-centredness.

As a basis for the group discussion, prepare for yourself a few written reflections and points related to your own project and person centredness.

Plenary room: S6207
Group rooms: M4314, M5301 and M5314

Participants: PhD Candidates, supervisors, PROFRES partners with interest for research related to person-centredness

If you want to participate in the workshop, please submit your interest by 31 August 2016
Prelimenary Program

12:00-13:00        Lunch in cafeterie (free of charge)

13:00-13:15        Plenary: Introduction to the workshop

13:15-15:00        Group activity I

15:00-15:30        Group activity II

15:30-16.00        Plenary: Summing up; all groups

(Coffee/tea and cake will be brought to the room at 15:00)     

Tuesday 11 October 10:00-17:00
PROFRES-symposium day 1 (Open for everone)
Person-centeredness - the state of science and research.
Focus on theoretical approaches.

University College of Southeast Norway (USN), campus Drammen
Auditorium: A5508

The symposium will focus on person-centered approaches within the fields of health, welfare and education. More precisely, issues of philosophy of science, different traditions and analyses of ontological and epistemological perspectives that guide the conduct of person-centred ethical research. Person-centred research designs, including qualitative and quantitative methods, process and outcome evaluations, as well as participatory methodologies that enable active participation of all persons in research activities will also be highlighted.

Preliminary Program
09:30-10:00    Tea/coffe and fruit

10:00-10:10    Opening of the Symposium
Professor Kristin Akerjordet, Leader of PROFRES, University of Stavanger 

Welcome to the University College of Southeast Norway - Rector Petter Aasen and Dean Heidi Kapstad

10:10-10:20    Introduction of the theme  Person- centeredness- the state of science and research Professor Kirsti Skovdahl,  Faculty of health sciences, University College of Southeast Norway

10:20-11:00    Person centeredness – why?
Professor Brendan McCormack, Head of Division of Nursing, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland and Faculty of health sciences , University College of Southeast Norway

11:00-11:45    Philosophical bases for person and person-centeredness. Important tracks in person-centered approaches. Professor Tom Eide, Faculty of health sciences, University College of Southeast Norway

11:45-12:45 Lunch in the cafeteria (free of charge)

12:45-13:30    Operationalizing person-centred care and measuring its effects. Professor Inger Ekman, Centre for Person-centered care at University of Gothenburg, Sweden (GPCC)

13:30-14:15    An Interpersonal relationship – a prerequisite for teaching? Professor Aslaug Kristiansen, University of Agder

14:15-14:45 Coffee/tea and cake (free of charge)

14:45-15:30    Person centered care in complex systems. Professor Halvard Vike, Faculty of health sciences, University College of Southeast Norway

15:30-16:00    Aspects of person-centred communications in professional relationships, services and organizations. Professor Hilde Eide, Science Center Health and Technology, University College of Southeast Norway

16:00-17:00    What is needed for the future challenges and developments of person-centredness? Panel discussion - the state of science and research Participants in the panel: Brendan McCormack, Inger Ekman, Aslaug Kristensen, Hilde Eide, Halvard Vike. Moderator: Professor Brendan Mc Cormack

Wednesday 12 October 09:00-14:45 (17:00)
PROFRES-symposium Day 2 Person-centeredness - the state of science and research Focus on empirical examples from health, welfare and education (Open for everone)
University College of Southeast Norway
Auditorium: A5508

The aim is to increase knowledge about ways of studying person-centeredness. Empirical examples related to the view of the client/patient/student/user as a person will be presented and discussed. PROFRES- and HSN-PhD students will give short presentations of empirical examples, based on the candidate's doctoral projects. This day will form an arena for sharing of ideas, questions and challenges related to person-centeredness. 

08:45-09:05   Coffe/tea and fruit

09:05- 09:20  PhD Candidate Linda Hafskjold
Older persons’ worries expressed during home care visits: Exploring the content of cues and concerns identified by the Verona coding definitions of emotional sequences, University College of Southeast Norway

09:20-09.35  PhD Candidate Eva Brekke
Recovery in co-occurrent substance use and mental health conditions – person-centred perspectives, University College of Southeast Norway

09:35-09.50  Professor Ellen Andvig
Participatory action research in the field of health care practice for older persons with mental health problems in a Norwegian municipality, University College of Southeast Norway

09:50-10:05  Break

10:05-10:20  PROFRES/PhD Candidate Cecilie Revheim 
Quiet voices – isn’t foster carers’ own children part of Foster Care? University of Agder

10:20-10:55  Professor Kirsti Skovdahl
Involving persons with dementia into participatory research, University College of Southeast Norway

10:55-11:10  Associate Professor Monika Gullslett
The service user’s subjective experience of crisis and of support from the Crisis resolution and Home treatment team (CR/HT). What helps and what hinders in the crisis experience situations? University College of Southeast Norway

11:10-11:25  PhD Candidate Ingrid Eilertsen
 Evaluation of advanced practice nursing students’ clinical competence, University College of Southeast Norway

11:25-11:40  Associate Professor Karen Stendal
Virtal World affordances for people with lifelong disability, University College of Southeast Norway

11:40-12:00  PROFRES/PhD Candidate Antje Aarthun
Parental involvement in decision-making about children's healthcare in a health-promoting perspective, University of Stavanger

12:00-13:00  Lunch in cafeteria (free of charge)

13:00-13:15  Associate Professor Vibeke Sundling
Person-centered communication and vision care: The application of the Four Habits Coding Scheme in optometry, University College of Southeast Norway

13:15-13:30  Associate Professor Pia Bing Jonsson
Norwegian translation, cultural adaption and testing of the Person-centred Practice Inventory – Staff (PCPI-S), University College of Southeast Norway

13:30-13:45 PhD Candidate Jon Gjelle
Person-centeredness in eye and vision research, University College of Southeast Norway

13:45-13:55  PhD Candidate Camilla Anker-Hansen
Care partners to older people with mental health problems, University College of Southeast Norway.

13:55-14:45  Panel: Empirical possibilities and future directions
Participants: Aslaug Kristensen, Halvard Vike and Tom Eide (moderator)

14:45-15:15  Coffee/tea and cake (free of charge)

15:15-17:00  Program for PROFRES PhD Candidates and PhD Candidates interested in joining PROFRES - and  their supervisors
Session about PROFRES´ future directions
Auditorium: A5508
The aim of this session is to discuss the planning of PROFRES´ future March and October sessions. PROFRES has received funding for a new period 2017-2020 and USN has become a full member of PROFRES together with Nord, UiS and UiA. We now work with a revised “Grunnlagsdokument” /Action plan, which we want to present and discuss with you. Our ambition is to further develop PROFRES- the researcher school for professions-oriented and practice-relevant research in co-operation with you.

Torsdag 13. oktober 2016 kl. 08:30-16:30

08:15-08:30  Coffee/tea and fruit
08:30-11:30  Tekster i prosess (kun for PROFRES kandidater)
Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge, campus: Drammen
Rom: A2503

(les gjerne kursinformasjon og eksamenskriterier for disse kursene. De ligger på Fronter)

Program Tekster i prosess
Grupperom (foreløpige) M4314, M4110, M5314, M6302. Gruppeplanlegging kommer senere.

 11:30-12:30 Lunch i kafeteria

12:30-16:30  Program Akademisk praksis (Årskonferanse - åpent for alle)
Tema: Teknologi og etikk - ny kunnskap, nye utfordringer

Akademisk praksis gjennomføres denne gang i samarbeid med Nasjonalt profesjonsetisk nettverk. Programmet vil inngå som første del av nettverkets Årskonferanse 2016. Tema for konferansen er Profesjon, teknologi og etikk. Konferansen fortsetter også fredag 14. oktober fram til kl. 14 for de som ønsker å delta, men denne dagen vil ikke være en del av PROFRES samlingen. Se eget program.

(coffee/tea and cake will be brought to A2503 at 14:30)

Fredag 14. oktober kl. 09:00-14:00 – Årskonferansen for Nasjonalt profesjonsetisk nettverk forts. Se lenke til program over. Ikke del av programmet til PROFRES samlingen.