Timetables at Faculty of performing arts

The timetable for the autumn 2017 is placed in a new and improved system called TimeEdit. You can now download your timetable to your calendar on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

New opportunities
The system is easy to use, but there can be some challenges in the beginning. The administration in Bjergsted is asking for your understanding if any problems occurs regarding the transition to the new system.

The system provides new opportunities for students
• It is possible to search up your own timetable and download it to your calendar on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Video Clips
If you need help to get started, videos are made to help you (in Norwegain only):
How to find your timetable in TimeEdit
How to import your timetable to your Outlook calendar
How to import your timetable to iPhone/ iPad

For booking; please send an e-mail to  or visite the administration office between 10.00 and 15.00.

Timetables for the Faculty of performing arts (UK) is still under planning.
In the schedule you will find ordinary teaching and projects. Main instrument, Secondary instrument, chambermusic and ensembles are planned in collaboration with the teachers, and will not appear in TimeEdit unless the scedules for these lessons will be delivered to the administration office by either the student or the teacher.