Doctoral Committe at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Doctoral Committe acts by the authority of and gives advice to the Dean of Faculty. The Dean of Faculty has the administrative and academic responsibility for the Faculty's PhD in Health and Medicine.

Members of the Doctoral Committe:

p.t. Henriette Thune, Vice-dean of reseach

Department of Caring and Ethics:
Professor Bodil Furnes
Associate Professor Margareth Kristoffersen 
vice-member: Associate Professor Kirsten Lode

Department of Quality and Health Technology:
Professor Siri Wiig
Associate Professor Stephen Sollid
vice-member: Associate Professor Kristin H. Urstad

Department of Public Health:
Professor Terese Elisabet Bondas
Professor Kolbjørn Brønnick
vice-member: Associate Professor Anne Marie Lunde Husebø

Ph.d.-candidate appointed by the Faculty:
Stig Erlend Bjønness (observer)