Events 2018

Events related to The National IOR Centre of Norway this year.

Note: You will also find PDF files of presentations held by representatives from the Centre here.

Tjodhallen, IOR NORWAY 2017 Ema Kallesten and Mona Wetrhus Minde. Photo: Kjersti Riiber

19. Eni Norge Reservoir Seminar – Presentations by PhD student Anna Kvashchuk and postdoc Aruoture Voke Omekeh.
22. Stavanger Chamber of Commerce (the energy resource group) visits the Centre. Presentation by Merete Vadla Madland.
23. Xiaodong Luo and Geir Nævdal presented for Norske Shell A/S.
31. TC meeting.
31. The Research Council of Norway's director visits University of Stavanger. Centre director Merete Vadla Madland presents the Centre – Det Nasjonale IOR-senteret.

5.–6. The Offshore Strategy Conference
7. Researcher's Night – SPE Young Professionals Stavanger Section
21. Sysla Live

6. Open Day at University of Stavanger.
14.–15. SPE Workshop: Improved Decision-Making Through Tracer Technology – PhD student Mario Silva is giving a talk on session 4 at this workshop.
23. Lunch presentation from postdoc Pål Østebø Andersen: Core Scale Simulation of Spontaneous Solvent Imbibition from HPAM Gel
26. Lunch presentation from PhD student Leonardo Meireles: Porosity effects of electrostatic forces in saturated mineral powders

14.–18. SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Postdocs Bergit Brattekås and Pål Østebø Andersen and PhD students Siv Marie Åsen and Mohan Sharma presented their research.
18. SPE Norway One Day Seminar. Presentations by Yanhui Zhang (Practical Use of Ensemble-Based Methods for Production Optimization in Oil Recovery Applications/A Novel Ensemble-Based Trust-Region Optimization in Combining Conjugate Gradient for Reservoir Management), Aojie Hong/Reidar Bratvold (Fast Analysis of Optimal IOR Start Time Using a Two-Factor Production Model and Least-Squares Monte Carlo Algorithm) and Xiaodong Luo (Correlation-Based Adaptive Localization for Ensemble-Based History Matching: Applied to the Norne Field Case Study).
23. Workshop IOR NORWAY 2018
24.–25. IOR NORWAY 2018

9. TC meeting.
22.–25. Summer school: Crash Course on Data Assimilation - Theoretical foundations and advanced applications with focus on ensemble methods  at the Nansen Centre in Bergen, Norway.
28.–30. 13th International EnKF Workshop
28.–30. PDE Software Frameworks (PDESOFT) 2018, Bergen, Norway.

6. Centre PhD student Laura Borromeo is defending her doctoral degree.
7. Collaboration in a Digital Environment. Presentation by research director Randi Valestrand.
11.–14. 80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Copenhagen
14.–15. Centre postdoc Dmitry Shogin presents at Nordic Rheology Conference in Trondheim.
15. Modified Salinity Water Flooding Workshop at DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark. Presentations by Reidar Inge Korsnes and Mona Wetrhus Minde: «Can we control water induced compaction in chalk reservoirs? Experiences from in-situ core and pore scale studies» and Aksel Hiorth: «Smart Water flooding in Chalk – Insight from experiments and numerical modelling».
21. Board meeting, OG21.

2. Meeting with Bo Cerup-Simonsen from the Danish Hydrocarbon Research & Technology Centre
23.–25. Aojie Hong will present and publish a paper at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, Houston, Texas. The title is «Integrating Model Uncertainty in Probabilistic Decline Curve Analysis for Unconventional Oil Production Forecasting»

26.–31. SCA Annual Symposium, The 32nd International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts, Trondheim, Norway.
27.–30. ONS (Offshore Northern Seas). The Centre is part of the University of Stavanger stand.

3.–6. ECMOR XVI, 16th edition of the European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, Barcelona, Spain. Poster and paper from postdoc Pål Østebø Andersen.
3.–7. IEA-EOR 2018. The Centre is represented with four abstracts and presentations. Copenhagen, Denmark.
5. Board meeting, OG21.
7. EAGE/TNO Workshop on OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization, Barcelona, Spain.
13. TC meeting
14. Smartwater Workshop
20. Meeting with professors from KNUST, Ghana
22. Science Fair, Arkeologisk museum
24.–26. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Dallas, Texas, USA
25. Researcher Grand Prix, Karen Synnøve Ohm attended.
26. Board meeting
28. Lunch presentation from PhD student Dhruvit Berawala: Controlling parameters for shale gas production

17. Meeting with NPD.
17.–18. Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018, Sola Strandhotell.
23.–25. SPE APOGCE, Brisbane, Australia. Postdoc Pål Østebø Andersen represents the Centre with a poster and a presentation.
26. Meeting with a delegation from Moscow Petroleum Institute/Lukoil.
29. Centre researchers Arild Lohne and Oddbjørn Nødland got the SR-bank's Innovation Award at the annual celebration and doctoral conferment in Tjodhallen, University of Stavanger

6. Meeting with a delegation from Petronas, Malaysia
9. Centre PhD student Mona Wetrhus Minde is defending her doctoral degree.
15. Board meeting, OG21.
16. NFiP Annual PhD seminar 2018
29. OG21 Forum 2018

4. Workshop on IORSim and IOR Simulation Challenges
13. Board meeting
18. Meeting on Computational Engineering Master program - Aksel Hiorth and Reidar Bratvold meet delegates from Helse Vest.